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EVLN: Polaris' future Indian Electric-motorcycle quashed> (perpetual R&D)

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'Not a rebranded Victory Empulse TT'

QUASHED: Indian will NOT have an electric motorcycle on the road by 2022
MARCH 8, 2017  

The news that Indian Motorcycles will be releasing an electric motorcycle filtered out from an interview that Steve Menneto, President of Motorcycles at Polaris, gave to Reuters late last week.

Naturally the press – including us here at Motofire – were quick to run with the stand-out quote from the Reuters headline which was that the firm were looking to ‘launch new electric bike in 4-5 years’.

However, after reading through the article several times, something began to rankle a little, and – after an excellent phone call with Indian’s representatives here in the UK – Steve Menneto has clarified with us that whilst Indian are indeed working on an electric motorcycle, the five year plan quoted by Reuters was a misinterpretation.

“Electric technology is being developed within Polaris for multiple vehicles and categories”, said Motorcyle President Mennato in confirmation, he then continued to state that, “Indian will have an electric bike in the future, and that it will be a new bike for Indian, not a rebranded Victory Empulse TT.”

However – and this is the part where it would appear that the quotes have become conflated – the next half a decade will see Indian developing upon their current range of machines…

“Over the next two to five years, Indian is focused on expanding our range with bikes that have our familiar styling and bikes with new styling, power trains and technology. We’re very excited about our future growth opportunities and look forward to extending our brand into new segments and geographies.”

So whilst it’s clear that Indian (and Polaris) have the skills in-house to produce an electric machine, the very-near future will be taken up with the growth of a more ‘traditional’ range of motorcycle.

This means that the bad news is that you might want to cancel that electrician you called to install your new transformer into the garage, the good news however, is that you have a little longer to save up for that dream electric Chieftain!
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All New Electric Indian Motorcycle On The Way — Will It Be Victorious?
March 1, 2017  Dennis James

Indian motorcycles will soon have an electric bike in its lineup as Polaris looks to inject some fun into the brand after shutting down Victory.

Just a few months after shutting down its Victory brand and stopping production of its only electric motorcycle still in production, Polaris Industries Inc. has revealed that it plans to bring an all-new electric bike into the market in the next 4-5 years.

The new all-electric motorcycle will bear the badge of Indian Motorcycles and will replace the Victory Empulse in the Polaris portfolio.

Steve Menneto, president of its motorcycles division of Polaris, told Reuters [
]  that his company wants to new riders with "fun" electric bikes as it focuses on the legendary Indian brand, which it bought in 2011.

Unlike the Victory Empulse which only has a range of 120 kilometres when ridden aggressively, the new Indian electric motorcycle will cover between 190-225 kilometres under similar riding conditions.

"The characteristics of the powertrain are going to be more applicable to be able to ride a bike in pleasure and twisties, and kind of how you would use pleasure bikes today," said Menneto.

Menneto also revealed that Indian Motorcycles would soon expand its range by introducing new smaller capacity bikes.
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Polaris working on a long range electric bike; Will be positioned under Indian Motorcycle
March 5, 2017  Polaris Industries is working on an electric bike that will belong to the Indian Motorcycle brand. Will replace the retired Victory Empulse TT.

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