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EVLN: Porsche Already Testing 330mi MissionE EV 0-60mph:3.5s

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Porsche Is Already Testing the All-Electric Mission E


​The all-electric Porsche sedan is set to go on sale before 2020.

Porsche, everyone's favorite sporting automaker, will build its Mission E all-electric sedan. The Mission E, first introduced as a concept in Frankfurt last year, is Porsche's first real step towards an all-electric vehicle in it's lineup.

According to a report by U.K. publication Autocar, sources say the Mission E has already started testing, using a Panamera-like disguise complete with tailpipes to hide its true EV intentions. Sneaky.

The Mission E will be purposed as a Tesla Model S rival, complete with a battery pack that will reportedly hold more than 330 miles, and have a 0-60 time of around 3.5 seconds.

Since pretty much anything from Porsche these days is a huge hit, we're expecting the production-ready Mission E to meet some high expectations.
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Porsche’s Mission E Tesla Fighter on Track for 2020 Launch
July 30, 2016 ... photographs of a Porsche Mission E mule caught testing ...

(Mission E mule spied)

Codenamed J1, the car will be built on an all-new platform developed specifically around its electric drive system, which is different from the structure being developed by parent company Volkswagen for its new range of electric cars ...

Power for the four-door, four-seat sports car will be provided by two electric synchronous motors — one mounted on the front axle, the other at the rear providing drive to the rear wheels.

Porsche has yet to state the individual power for each motor, but says the combined output is 592 horsepower and 663 pounds-feet of torque ...

The Mission E is claimed to reach 62 mph from stop in under 3.5 seconds, have a 0-to-125 mph time of less than 12 seconds and run at its top speed of over 100 mph.
Driving ... range should be around 250-265 miles ...
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Porsche Mission E on course for 2020 launch
28 July 2016

Baby Porsche Panamera could be all-electric Mission E mule
July 28, 2016  MACNU

This baby Porsche Panamera mule – nicknamed the Pajun – could, in fact, be a development car for the future all-electric Mission E according to information received by Autocar.

Yesterday we reported how this mule proved development for the Pajun was back on track, following the shelving of the project in 2014. However, our sources have now pointed out that the anticipated arrival date of 2019 for the Pajun coincides with the planned launch of the production Mission E, which Porsche has confirmed it wants to sell before the end of the decade.

As a result, sources now suggest that, despite the fitment of exhaust tailpipes, this shortened Porsche Panamera mule is a forebear to Porsche’s first Tesla Model S-rival.

It’s not unheard of for car makers to fit parts to their mules in order to confuse onlookers. Sources suggest the tailpipes could be there to hide the true identity of what lies beneath the ‘cut and shut’ body.

Despite this latest sighting, Porsche has remained tight-lipped about the mule. Autocar sources are now convinced it shows the Mission E’s development has moved into road-based testing.

Technical specifications for the finished all-electric model are likely to include a lithium ion battery pack capable of providing the car with a range of more than 330 miles. In combination with two electric motors, the sleek four-door promises a 0-62mph time of just 3.5sec.
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Baby Porsche Panamera could be all-electric Mission E mule
28 July 2016  This baby Porsche Panamera mule - nicknamed the Pajun - could, in fact, be a development ...
Smaller 2017 Panamera Test Mule Spied: Porsche Testing Mission E ...


... our spy shooters came across a rather odd 2017 Panamera test mule.
Smaller 2017 Panamera Test MuleThe prototype appears to be slightly smaller than the Panamera we've already seen in the wild, but it's too early to get official answers to those questions ... "don't trust your eyes" case
Do keep in mind that the "civilian" appearance of the test car could hide just about anything ...
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