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EVLN: Porsche taking MissionE reservations.no ahead of launch

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Porsche starts taking reservations with deposits for the Mission E in Norway
Apr. 16th 2018  Fred Lambert


Despite its small size, Norway is becoming an important market for electric
vehicles. Many automakers are trying to lock in demand for their upcoming
electric cars early.

Porsche is the latest to do it with the Mission E – a full year ahead of its

Last year, Mercedes, Audi, and Jaguar all turned to Norway to sell their
first all-new electric cars coming [
] the next two years.

They’ve requested between 10,000 and 20,000 kroner (~$1,250 and $2,500 USD)
for deposits and have claimed to have received thousands of orders.

Now Porshe is doing the same for the Mission E and it is also asking for a
deposit of 20,000 kroner.

Here’s the email that they sent to Norwegian who showed interest in the car
with the latest dealerships (thanks to Jim Roger Johansen):

    Dear Xxxxx Xxxxxxx

    You are listed on one of our dealers’ list of stakeholders for the
production version of the concept car Porsche Mission E. Based on the great
interest, we wish to confirm your purchase intentions through a pre-booking.
If you wish to keep your priority in the queue, you will need to make a
payment of an advance payment of kr 20,000, – by April 25th.

    This is done through the registration page.

    On the same page you will find conditions and relevant information about
the reservation solution.

    You have been assigned a priority code to ensure that you already listed
on your reservation list keep your priority space in the queue. The code is
personal and linked to your email address.

    Your code is: xxxxxxx

    Thank you for your interest in Porsche! Should you be wondering, contact
your preferred Porsche Center. Contact information can be found on

    The concept car is mentioned here.

    If you do not want to make a reservation but will be kept up to date
with news around the model, you can register here.

    With best regards,
    Porsche Norway

While they’ve started taking reservations with deposit, Porsche hasn’t
confirmed the actual price of the vehicle – though the deposit is refundable
in case buyers are not happy with the final pricing.

Previous unconfirmed reports suggests that the Porsche Mission E will start
at ~$75,000 with three different performance trims [
] – making the vehicle competitive with the Tesla Model S’ current pricing

Electrek’s Take

Luxury and supercar makers have used the reservation list model for a while
now, but it could certainly be argued that Tesla popularized it for the
electric vehicles – especially with Model 3, which was kind of a first for a
mass market electric vehicle.

Tesla’s approach to open its vehicles for reservations years ahead of
production has proved useful to show demand for electric vehicles.

Now it’s fun to see several legacy automakers do the same in Norway, which
undoubtedly is the best example of a market for the future of the auto

Featured Image: A closer look at Porsche’s all-electric Mission E next to
Tesla Model S in augmented reality [
] ... [© electrek.co]

Porsche will build 500 electric vehicle charging stations in the US by end
of 2019
April 16, 2018  Units will prove roughly 3 times as much power as Tesla's
superchargers, but won't be free  Porsche wants to expand their electric
vehicle offerings but with that comes the need for a reliable charging
network. Although Tesla is most well known for such a network, Porsche is
also looking to setup a similar system. In an interview with Automotive
News, Porsche North America CEO Klaus Zellmer outlined the ...

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