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EVLN: RSL2M/US$17.4k Maruti Suzuki e-vans.in sold @Nexa outlets

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Maruti Suzuki's electric vehicles to be sold via Nexa outlets
June 26, 2019  



Maruti Suzuki will use its high-end Nexa outlets to sell its upcoming
electric vehicles in India. The first of these will be the all-electric
Maruti Suzuki WagonR EV set to debut next year. The Nexa chain of
touchpoints was launched in 2015 so that Maruti Suzuki could appeal more to
premium car buyers. Currently, the Ciaz, Baleno, Ignis and S-Cross are sold
through these outlets.

Maruti Suzuki is betting big on EVs, in light of its decision to discontinue
diesels in India once BSVI norms come in April 2020. The WagonR Ev is
unrelated to the conventionally powered one sold here. It is based on the
sixth generation car which debuted in Japan in 2017. No details are
available yet on spec and range but we think a figure around the 150 to
200km should be reasonable. The EV is expected to be priced around the Rs 12
lakh mark, quite a bit more than the regular WagonR.

Maruti has set up over 360 NEXA outlets covering more than 200 cities and
added over 9 lakh Nexa customers in that time. This should mean that anyone
looking for a Maruti EV will have some basic sales and charging
infrastructure in place, given that carmakers bringing EVs into India will
look to set up charging stations within there outlets. This until the
government's plans for an extensive charging grid come to fruition.
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