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EVLN: Rich's diy e-Rat_Rod Lights-Up Its Rear Tires With Ease (v)

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This Rat Rod Uses An Electric Motorbike’s Powertrain – And It’ll Light Up
Its Rear Tires With Ease
September 28, 2019  Brad Anderson

 rich's electric-rat-rod

Rich Rebuilds
FIRST DRIVE - The world’s first electric motorcycle powered car

Rat rods are traditionally powered by fuel-burning V8s that would make
environmentalists shiver with anger. This one is a little different.

The following rat rod is owned by YouTuber Rich Rebuilds, who has made a
name for himself as an electric powertrain expert best known for turning
wrecked Teslas into fully-functional cars. Rich is an electric vehicle nut
and wanted to put the 1930s rat rod he purchased on Craigslist to good use.

When he got it, it was powered by a Chevrolet 305 V8. As Rich says, this
isn’t the most desirable of Chevy V8 engines and thought it would be a good
idea to ditch it in favor of one that has a much greener footprint. A used
motorbike from Zero Motorcycles was chosen for the project.

Rich purchased the all-electric motorcycle at an auction for a very
reasonable $3,200 but decided against simply restoring it and decided to
take its electric motor and slot it into his rat rod.

Now, instead of a heavy V8 hanging in front of the cabin, there is a battery
pack. And while there’s no denying the appeal of a V8 and purists might
scoff at the idea of such a creation, the instant torque from the
motorcycle’s electric motor means it can still spin up the rear wheels with
ease and actually looks quite fast.
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+ (diy '71 Triumph Spitfire conversion EV.ca> needs fiddly work)
Triumph of engineering: Halifax man switching classic car to electric power
2019-09-22 ... was a good candidate for an electric conversion because "it
had a pretty solid frame ... During the winter ... removed all the greasy
bits ... motivation was to have fun ...

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