EVLN: Rs5lakh(($7k) Emflux2 naked e-streetfighter 0-100kph:3-s ts:200kph r:200km

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EVLN: Rs5lakh(($7k) Emflux2 naked e-streetfighter 0-100kph:3-s ts:200kph r:200km

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Emflux Two electric motorcycle: Indian E-bike at about Rs 5 lakh as quick as
a Ferrari!
September 4, 2018  Pradeep Shah

Emflux One at Auto Expo 2018

The new Emflux Two will have a top speed of 200 kmph and the electric naked
streetfighter will come based on the Emflux One. The silent bike is expected
to be priced close to Rs 5 lakh (on-road) with sales expected to start in

Upcoming Emflux Two electric streetfighter

If you have been dreaming about electric superbikes and are planning to own
one in the future, then in most probability you must be familiar with Emflux
Motors. The Bengaluru-based start-up is now prepping up for the launch of
Emflux Two. The bike will be the company's second offering for the Indian
market after the full faired Emflux One electric superbike showcased at Auto
Expo 2018. While the sale of Emflux One will start sometime next year, the
brand has already started working on the Emflux Two. The company has
recently teased the Emflux Two through its official Facebook page. From the
teaser image, it is clear that the Emflux Two will be an aggressive looking
naked streetfighter and looking at its silhouette from some specific angles,
the bike might remind you of the KTM 1290 Super Duke.

The new Emflux Two will be based on the Emflux One which means it is
expected to offer the same mind-boggling numbers and the high spec equipment
as the latter. Even the AC induction motor is also expected to be the same
on Emflux Two that will be good for churning out respective power and torque
outputs of close to 67 bhp and 84 Nm. The Emflux Two will be able to sprint
from 0 to 100 kmph in under 3 seconds and will be able to achieve a top
speed of 200 kmph. It should be noted here that few supercars from Ferrari,
Lamborghini and Porsche do the 0-100 kmph run in three seconds. The electric
streetfighter will offer a range of 200 km per full charge that will
definitely give the prospective buyers a relief from range anxiety that is
usually linked with electric vehicles.

Just like the Emflux One, the upcoming Emflux Two is also expected to get
features like smartphone connectivity and a coloured TFT instrument cluster.
Like the Emflux One, the Emflux Two will most likely get top spec components
like Ohlins suspension set up and Brembo brakes at both ends with
Continental dual-channel ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System). We believe that the
motorcycle will be priced north of Rs 5 lakh (on-road) and will be a hoot to
ride. Just like the Emflux One that will be limited to 199 units, the Emflux
Two will also see a limited production run. The new Emflux two is expected
to go on sale sometime in the year 2020.

With the Government of India's 2030 EV vision, automakers are seeing
electric vehicles as the next challenge and new start-ups along with
existing automakers have already started venturing into the EV space. Now
what remains to be seen is the market acceptance for such high-end electric
superbikes in India and if customers prefer these over conventional petrol
machines. The absence of adrenaline rushing exhaust note and lack of
infrastructure might prove a setback for many.
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