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EVLN: Ryder exclusive Chanje EV sales channel partner& service

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Ryder becomes exclusive sales channel partner and service provider for electric truck maker Chanje
August 16, 2017


Ryder System will become the exclusive sales channel partner and service provider for Chanje, a new California based medium-duty electric vehicle and energy services company.

As part of their future technology strategy, Ryder has placed its initial order of Chanje electric vehicles, the first of which will be distributed to Ryder locations in strategic U.S. markets and be available for ChoiceLease customers in the coming weeks.

Additionally, a portion of the new vehicles will be added to Ryder’s commercial rental fleet so that customers will have the opportunity to experience Chanje’s advanced vehicle technology on a short-term basis.

Chanje is the first company in North America to offer large scale fleets of electric medium-duty trucks. Chanje’s electric vehicles offer class-leading payload and cargo capacity, as well as zero exhaust emissions. Ryder will also offer a combination of comprehensive and preventive maintenance solutions as part of Ryder’s SelectCare fleet maintenance portfolio.

The relationship with Ryder provides Chanje with an established nationwide network for maintenance. Through Ryder SelectCare maintenance, Chanje will be able to maximize vehicle uptime, lower costs, and keep their customers’ businesses moving.

Chanje’s first vehicle will be an all-electric large delivery style van, a medium-duty truck equipped to haul up to 6,000 pounds and up to 580 cubic feet of cargo, all with zero tailpipe emissions. Chanje vehicles are designed to be electric from the ground up, making them inherently more efficient than retrofit electric vehicles. Ryder will work with Chanje to develop charging infrastructure for the vehicles, with a focus on using renewable energy.

Chanje’s last-mile electric vehicles fit best where they are needed the most – in highly populated urban areas where pollution and noise are a mounting concern. Replacing a diesel truck with an electric vehicle will save as much CO2 emissions as 20 acres of U.S. forest would absorb in one year.
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