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EVLN: SR-Auto bling-tuning of BMW i3 EV


SR Auto Group presents tuning for BMW i3
[2014/10/29] SR Auto Group

SR Auto Group BMW i3


A stylish EV from Canada

Canadian tuners SR Auto Group have revealed their latest tuning project based on the BMW i3.

At the beginning of this month, EVO previewed its radically restyled version of the vehicle and now their Canadian colleagues from SR are ready with their “electrically charged and environmentally friendly” version.

What they actually have done is just replacing the stock wheels of the model with a set of new PUR LG04 rims with a custom flat lip. The company explains that “normally this would be an easy task”, but “since the vehicle rolled off the lot just a few months ago, there was little to no information to be found”. So, after performing a research and development work, the tuners “were able to engineer a set of wheels for the car”.
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It’s Electrified
October 28, 2014

Electrically charged and environmentally friendly are just some of the ways to describe the BMW I3. Turning the page back a few months ago, we were presented with the task of fitting this I3 with a set of wheels. Normally that would be a easy task but since the vehicle rolled off the lot just a few months ago, there was little to no information to be found. After performing our own r&d, we were able to engineer a set of wheels for the car. Fast forward to today, and we have the BMW I3 sitting on a set of PUR LG04's with a custom flat lip.
[images]  [© srautogroup.com]

BMW i3 gets tuned by SR Auto Group
by Cristian Gnaticov  October 30th, 2014

The Canadian based tuning company called SR Auto Group has recently created a project based on the popular BMW i3.

BMW i3 fans have probably found their new desktop background images as the guys from SR Auto Group have just revealed their newest tuning project, bringing the model in question into this category for the second time, after Japanese tuners from Eve Ryn have presented a radical body kit for the model in question, which has been called the EVO and it has added some interesting features to the model in question, helping it become even hotter.

The BMW i3 signed by SR Auto Group has received some new wheels, which are replacing the old ones, being called the PUR LG04 with a custom flat lip. No pricing details for this action have been announced yet but you can check it out closer in the small photo gallery posted below. The BMW i3 has a 170 HP (125 kW) and 250 Nm (184 lb-ft) of torque electric motor which is backed up by a two-cylinder 650cc petrol burner, acting as a range extender and providing an extra 34 HP.
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BMW i3 EV Finished With Blings!
by Allison Blackburn · November 1, 2014

The BMW i3 is one of the finest looking EV in the world and it things just got better for the vehicle. SR Auto Group simply changed the rims to and the i3 automatically looks meaner and ready for a race.

The Canadian company equipped the i3 with PUR LG04 alloy wheels that comes with nice clean-cut lips which supports the needles running that are attached all-over the place.

The striking part is the shiny blue accessories glued to where each needles is planted that looks like diamonds when running at night. Even on the day, the blue accents become the centre of attraction among the street dwellers.

While SR Auto Group might not admit it, the images it shared revealed that the i3 EV also comes with new suspensions that gave it a lowered stance. Regardless, that won’t matter as long as the hatchback has the blings to brag about.
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