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EVLN: Shootout: Why The Fuel Cell Won't Beat The Battery

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EV Shootout: Why The Fuel Cell Won't Beat The Battery
Oct 1 2013

 ... Investors must be pragmatic when making decisions about which technology to back. The pragmatic investor understands the battle for market dominance is as much a race as it is a beauty contest. The further a leading technology gets ahead of its challenger, the "prettier" the challenger must be to unseat it. This is why a good enough product that delivers on its promise now often beats a better product that will deliver in the next five to ten years.

Today, many investors see the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) locked in a battle for the future with the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV). With a massive head start in sales thanks to manufacturers like Tesla Motors, Nissan, and General Motors and supporting infrastructure plays like Chargepoint, NRG Energy and Car Charging Group, the pressure is on the FCEV to deliver a substantial competitive advantage. With each BEV sold, the pressure grows.

Competitive advantage implies two things: First, being competitive implies that parity will not cut it. Second, an advantage is not really an advantage unless it is meaningful enough in the eyes of the mass market consumer to make a difference. Had the FCEV been ready for prime time a few years ago, we might have had a "Battle Royale" of competing standards on our hands. With sales of BEVs taking off in the U.S., there is just too much parity and too little competitive advantage for the FCEV to pose a serious threat to the BEV ... [subscription]
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2/06/2013 Disappointed With Electric Cars, Automakers Are Making Bad Bet On Fuel Cells
 ... Hydrogen is ... always part of a compound ... Separating it ... requires energy ... it has to be stored ... under massive pressure ... requires ... ENERGY ... by the time the “fuel-free” vehicle hits the road ... has already amassed a considerable carbon foot-print ...

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