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EVLN: Smart ForTwo EV Range Torture Test (v)

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Check Out This Crazy Smart ForTwo Electric Car Range Torture Test
June 22, 2020 ... The Loveland Trials trip covers a total of 140 miles, but
it's full of uphill and downhill sections. You might actually be quite
surprised at how far the electric city car ...

+ ($1400+ Smart EV tuning module bumps up performance, v)
Can An $800 EV Tune Make Our $7,000 Smart Tesla Quick?
June 27, 2020 ... Steinbauer, who actually does produce a tuning module for
the Smart ForTwo electric drive. They claim you can get 20 percent more
power and torque from the car with their solution. While the car has 74
horsepower and 118 lb-ft of torque stock, this module suggests you can bump
that up to 94 horsepower and 142 lb-ft of torque. In practice, that does
make the car quicker ... Steinbauer advertises the unit for nearly $1,400
... + $70 local mechanic labor cost to install ...

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