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EVLN: Smart Fortwo Electric Featured By Autogefühl (v)

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Smart Fortwo Electric Featured By Autogefühl – Video
20170302  Mark Kane


smart fortwo electric drive

The latest generation of the Smart Fortwo electric drive vehicle was recently reviewed by Autogefühl, and they’ve got the video to prove it. According to Autogefühl, the Fortwo is a great – but tiny – two-seater that provides a lot of fun, with agile driving in cities.

Parking, however, is  a little bit more challenging than it needs to be, with large doors that require a lot of space to be opened. Thankfully, the interior is spacious and feels like bigger car, but Smart forgot to install a compartment for your phone.

Overall, the driving experience is very nice, the reviewers say, but if you’re taking a corner with any speed, you notice that it’s a short and relatively tall car.

The all-electric Smart will soon be the only model the brand sells in the U.S. and Norway.
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