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China's new electric train doesn't need driver or tracks
6 Jun, 2017  

World's first trackless train runs on road on June 2, 2017 in Zhuzhou, China © VCG / Getty Images

bevin @bevinzhang
World’s first railless train unveiled in Hunan, China
http://www.worldeduc.com/2017/06/06/worlds-first-railless-train-unveiled-in-hunan-china/ …
3:29 AM - 6 Jun 2017

World’s first virtual train track unveiled in central China
"It is like having a virtual rail for the bus," said Feng Jianghua, chief engineer of CRRC.

Chinese rail transit firm CRRC has unveiled a 30-meter long ‘smart bus’ or rather a combination of bus, tram and train rolled into one. The new vehicle is expected to speed up public transportation in the country.

The developer describes the so-called Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ART) as a ‘railless train’ and it can carry 300 passengers in three carriages. Cars can be added or removed if needed.

According to the manufacturer, the electric vehicle can travel up to 40 km on a full charge with a maximum speed of 70 km per hour. It runs on rubber tires and has sensors to read the dimensions of the road and plan its route. The idea is that the 'smart bus' could travel without a driver or rails.

The transit system was unveiled in Zhuzhou, in China's Hunan province is expected to be much cheaper than a subway or tram system since it doesn't require infrastructure to be laid down. It will be offered as a cheaper alternative to rail-based public transport as most medium-sized, and small cities in China can’t afford expensive subway systems.

According to Xinhua, it costs up to $102 million to build a kilometer of a subway track, as compared to about $2 million for a standard length ART bus.

A 6.5-kilometer demonstration route is due to open in Zhuzhou next year.
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"Railless train" debuts in China
6 Jun 2017 - The ART (Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit) measures about 9 meters long (30 ft), has a top speed of 70 km/h (43.5 mph), and a range of 40 km ...
Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit - The World's First Railless Train ...
6 Jun 2017 - The ART, Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit, was developed by CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Co Ltd, which produces key parts for high-speed railway.

China car released the world's first virtual rail tram: three 31 meters, will achieve unmanned (Photos)

The world's first intelligent track train

http://img.mp.itc.cn/upload/20170602/927780458e6f444f8451a9b531879867_th.jpgThe world's first intelligent track train cab

Trolley as a rail transit is more common in the city, but if one day, an electric train traveling in the absence of orbit of the city, is still classified as a rail traffic, which will be a scene.

June 2, by the China Railway Corporation in the Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhuzhou in the car) developed a called "intelligent rail Express System (Autonomous rail Rapid Transit-ART)" (below Referred to as "wisdom rail") of the new traffic products, Zhuzhou in Hunan debut, this integration of modern tram and bus their own advantages of the new means of transport is cross-border, it subverts the traditional understanding of urban traffic , To solve large and medium cities travel difficult to bring a new choice and experience.

From the rail to the trackless, the only track is lost, but the application of the advanced technology is far from the tram simple electric power technology can be compared.

What is the wisdom

A data show that China's car ownership has increased by almost three times from 2007 to 2015, while the area of ​​roads has increased by only 60%. This prominent contradiction has made the urban congestion problem a prominent problem.

According to the Ministry of Communications announced the "urban public transport" thirteen five "development program" requirements, by 2020, China to build a 6,000 km tram, but the data to the end of 2016 only reached 178 km.

Zhu Jiang, deputy general manager of the main manager, chief engineer Feng Jianghua that the slow development of urban rail transit is due to the overall layout of the city are constantly iterative update, continuous development, which for a rail traffic in terms of such a rapid development Of the city structure to implement the following, there is a great challenge and difficulty, so this to a certain extent bound the pace of development of rail transit.

"Coupled with the long duration of rail transit construction, high investment costs, flexibility is poor and other defects, so that many cities face the disadvantage when it is difficult to sustain, this is the wisdom of this product." Feng Jianghua said.

According to reports, the intelligent track express train is the ART of the vehicle, by Zhuzhou in the independent development of an innovative modern city low floor tram. Compared with the modern tram, the car with rubber tire bearing, replacing the traditional steel wheel rail, so do not need to lay a proprietary physical track, through the company's independent research and development of the unique trajectory to follow the control technology, Virtual guidance on the virtual track, while relying on specific signal control technology to train the virtual track in the constraints, improve security.

The intelligent track express train adopts trajectory following, low floor and high efficiency electric drive technology, which combines the characteristics of trolley without pollution, fast speed and large volume, and absorbs the advantages of traditional bus bus operation and small investment in construction. Strong capacity, short construction period and other advantages.

Another low cost has become one of the biggest advantages of the vehicle, the data show that China's subway cost of about 4 billion -7 billion / km, modern tram line cost of about 150 million -2 billion / km, and " "In the same situation with the modern tram capacity, only a simple road reconstruction will be able to put into use, the overall line of investment is about 5/5 of the modern tram. In other words, compared with the modern tram, the construction of a 10 km line, "wisdom rail" at least save more than 1 billion yuan.

Zhuzhou from the beginning of 2013 ART system research. In the starting show in the intelligent track express train for the three groups, 31.64 meters long, 2.65 meters wide, 3.4 meters high. Trains can be two-way driving, the maximum number of passengers for the 307 people, full load of 48 tons, the maximum operating speed of 70 km / h; vehicles with low floor structure (less than 330mm) to facilitate passengers on and off. Intelligent track express train powered battery, the use of fast-filled lithium titanate battery, the total power distribution degree of 170 degrees, full load case power consumption of 4 degrees / km, with more than 40 kilometers of capacity. 10 minutes charge, can be full of life 25 km.

"It is popular to understand that there is no track tram compared to the traditional tram, which is more intelligent in absorbing advanced technology in other industries, including automotive and other fields, such as through image recognition, image dynamic splicing and sensor fusion And other technical support for vehicle safety, and then such as the final stage of the mentality is to achieve unmanned driving. "Zhuzhou, an engineer said.

Using a number of international advanced technology

Surging news reporter in the day of the conference to see this car up to 30 meters of the rail train, if the road is definitely "Big Mac", but it is a flexible "fat". In the test of the link, the reporter in the vehicle can not feel any noise, driving to the corner, the vehicle bending even smaller than the bus.

In addition, the cab also reflects the intelligence of the car, the driver's head has a external camera, the camera at any time to monitor the road conditions, and monitor the information transmitted to the vehicle after the central processor issued a command to deal with more heavy road conditions.

Compared with traditional trams, Zhitong has the advantages of flexible controllable, energy saving and environmental protection, high traffic volume, low cost and strong adaptability, but all of them are based on the core technology of intellectual strength.

According to Feng Jianghua, Zhuzhou in the innovation team independent research and development of the "virtual track to follow control" technology. In simple terms, it identifies the pavement virtual track line through the various sensors of the vehicle, and transmits the running information to the train "brain" (central control unit). According to the instructions of the "brain", it ensures that the trains, Action at the same time, can accurately control the train running in the established "virtual track", to achieve intelligent operation.

In addition to this core technology, the wisdom of a total of eight core technology to support its superiority.

Such as active safety technology, "through the image recognition, image dynamic stitching and sensor integration, we achieved a physical track below the vehicle's own constraints, but also on the invasion of the surrounding security," Feng Jianghua said.

Also, such as powerless technology. Feng Jianghua said, we know that any one of the vehicle power supply network increases, will increase the cost of investment and operation and maintenance costs. In this way we use the energy storage technology, this energy storage system can be based on the actual needs of the running line and the overall needs of the vehicle needs, a custom, is our vehicle in the city, because the reduction of infrastructure, so that the whole Transport system can be a good integration into the middle of the city.

Feng Jianghua also said that the next wave will continue to graft some of the more advanced technology, including automatic driving, large data and non-physical contact with the following wireless communication and control related technologies, so that our train equipment more advanced, more secure, more Comfortable, more efficient.

The world's first ART line settled in Zhuzhou

In the world's first virtual train released the same day, the locomotive Zhuzhou Zhuzhou City, where the main leaders announced that Zhuzhou City will build the world's first ART line.

According to Zhuzhou City Mayor Yang Weiguo introduction, Zhuzhou Hexi main road Yangtze River Road will be the first to build the country is also the world's first intelligent track Express system, through the acceptance of relevant state departments, as a model operation line services Zhuzhou citizens.

The full length of the line planning is about 6.5 km, after the completion of the already planned low-speed magnetic levitation line to achieve seamless docking, and further improve the public transport vehicles and social vehicles operating efficiency, favorable to ease the north and south of the urban traffic pressure, effective To solve the problem of urban traffic congestion ...
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China Railway Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute ...
"Autonomous rail Rapid Transit / ART" ...
2018 years in Hunan Province Zhuzhou introduction into the set.
7:29 AM - 3 Jun 2017

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