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Japanese Start-up to Launch Ultra-small EV Using Replaceable Battery in
Feb 20, 2019  Kaoru Kubono, Nikkei xTech

A diagonal front view of "FOMM One." It is FOMM's first volume production
model and will be released in Thailand

A diagonal rear view. The EV uses a replaceable battery.

On the rear side of the vehicle, there are two replaceable battery packs.

A battery pack is located near each of the right and left doors.

FOMM Corp (Kawasaki City) will start volume production of an ultra-small
electric vehicle (EV) using a replaceable battery in Thailand in February
2019 and deliver it to customers in March 2019 or later.

The EV, "FOMM One," is the company's first volume production model. It is a
four-seat vehicle priced at 664,000 bahts. By employing the replaceable
battery, the non-operating time of the EV became about five minutes, which
is about 1/6 that of normal EVs.

The new vehicle is equipped with four replaceable lithium-ion (Li-ion)
battery packs: two on the rear side, one on the right side and one on the
left side. The capacity of the battery pack is about 3kWh (12kWh in total).
The drive range of the EV is 160km (approx 99.4 miles).

The weight of each battery pack is 30kg. So, the total weight of the four
battery packs is 120g, which accounts for about 20% of the vehicle's mass.
It is not realistic for the driver to replace the battery packs by

In view of this, FOMM is planning to set up charging stations at gas
stations and the company's bases in Thailand so that employees can replace
used battery packs with charged ones.

Original Japanese article
[© Nikkei Business Publications]

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"FOMM One"
 ... top speed is eighty kilometers per hour, and it has four rechargeable
lithium ion batteries. On a full charge, the FOMM ONE can travel for 160
kilometers (or 100, if the air conditioner is used) ...

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You can drive this tiny electric vehicle without a license
February 21st, 2019 ... range of around 60 miles and a top speed of 28 miles
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