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EVLN: TMC patents in-wheel e-motors for .jp EV

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Toyota has patented a new technology of rotation of the wheels of the
electric vehicle
July 7, 2020  The Japanese Toyota company has patented a new technology that
provides the rotation of the wheels of the electric vehicle. Each of them
has a separate actuator from its power source. Each of them has a separate
actuator from its power source ... electric car with four motors placed at
each wheel ... Its peculiarity is the rotation of each wheel independently
from each other ... This solution provides the movement of the electric
vehicle forward, backwards, or sideways or diagonally. Each wheel has a
separate swivel mechanism and is governed by the electricity ...



EVLN: EOssc2 'crab' nEV drives-sideways squeezes into narrow spaces
... is currently being tested in the cities of Bremen and Dalian, China ] -
German EOssc2 concept car is electric and semi-autonomous - It can turn on
the spot and be driven diagonally and sideways - Concept car can park itself
in tight spaces using cameras and a sensor ...
May 03, 2015

Electric vehicle charger installed at SLO City Hall
Jul 01, 2020 ... San Luis Obispo installed an electric vehicle charging
station at City Hall that runs entirely on solar energy and battery power
... is independent of the electrical grid ...

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