EVLN: Tata Electric Nano to 1st roll out as the Jayem Neo Ola e-Cab r:150km ts:135kph

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EVLN: Tata Electric Nano to 1st roll out as the Jayem Neo Ola e-Cab r:150km ts:135kph

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Tata Nano Electric to be called Jayem Neo, PM Modi could launch it in Ola
Cabs’ Delhi fleet soon
November 22, 2017  Abhilasha Singh

Standard Tata Nano (Image for representational purposes only) Standard Tata
Nano (Image for representational purposes only)

Tata Nano Electric (Image courtesy: Autocar India) Tata Nano Electric (Image
courtesy: Autocar India)

Tata Tiago EV


Tata Nano Electric (Image courtesy: Autocar India)

Electric Tata Nano was spotted on test in Coimbatore in September this year,
confirming that it is indeed close to reality. The concept that was
showcased in 2010 had a claimed range of 160 km on one charge.

A cloud of unfriendly emissions has been looming over Delhi and NCR, a
situation that got so grave that the city made headlines across the world
over a severe rise in air pollution leading to health problems for many. The
government has been rattled over coming up with solutions to curb pollution,
which included restricting construction works and for some time the odd-even
rule was also thought of being put in place again. However, the air quality
still remains very unhealthy. Hence, the need of the hour is long terms
plans that maintain clean air quality and not scrambling up temporary
measures to bring pollutants down in winters, since winter fog traps these
pollutants even further. Now though, taking a step forward electric Tata
Nano is likely to become part of the city's major taxi fleet. Tata Nano
Electric is likely to be introduced as a part of Ola Cabs fleet in Delhi by
end of this month, however, the car will not be made completely by Tata
Motors. We contacted Jayem Auto about the new electric car and have been
told that it will be a product of Jayem Automotives and is likely to be
called the Jayem Neo. Instead of launching an electric version of the Nano,
Tata Motors will supply Nano body shells without the engine and transmission
to Jayem Automotives, which will manufacture and market the EV. The Jayem
Neo is expected to be launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi soon.

Jayem Neo's powertrain will be sourced from Electra EV, a prominent brand in
design development and supply of electric powertrains, battery packs and
charging infrastructure. The Neo will be powered by a 48-Volt system and
17kW (23hp). While a standard Tata Nano weighs 636 kg, the electric Nano or
Neo will weigh in at 800 kg, but 17kW of power is said to be powerful enough
for it. It will have a claimed ARAI range of 200 km on one full charge and
140 km if it has four persons seated with air-conditioning on.

While initially, Jayem Neo will only be available for taxi fleets,
eventually Jayem plans to launch a powerful version for personal users
later. Previously, Tata Motors had announced a collaboration with Jayem
Automotives in March to test performance cars.

While this announcement does sound like it's come rather a little abruptly,
we did see an electric Tata Nano being tested in India a while back. Tata
Motors had previously announced that it was keen on dropping that Nano from
its product lineup owing to sales as low as 250 units a month. However, Tata
Nano may receive a lease on life through Jayem Neo.
Image courtesy: TeamBHP Electric Tata Nano spied testing in Coimbatore
(Image courtesy: TeamBHP)

Electric Tata Nano was spotted on test in Coimbatore in September this year,
confirming that is indeed close to reality. Sporting the same bodywork as
the current Nano GenX, the only things that indicate that it was the
electric Nano is the ‘4BNEV-A08’ sticker on the rear window and a visible
lack of an exhaust. Also, Coimbatore is also home to Jayem Auto, which is a
hotbed for Tata R&D.

However, Jayem Auto has tested various iterations of the Tata Nano in the
past, including a diesel Nano (which didn’t work because it was too noisy)
and a 1-litre petrol engine as well as a 600cc turbocharged unit, none of
which were approved for production. This then points to a fact that until
Tata officially announces that it will build the electric Nano, the spy
shots are all the evidence we have.

Tata Motors has lately been getting serious about electrifying some of its
models. The most recent one was the Tata Tiago EV concept, which has a
claimed range of 100 km on one full charge and can accelerate from 0-100
km/h in about 11 seconds in sport mode and is capable of a top speed of 135
km/h. The Tata Tiago EV uses an 85 kW motor that churns out 200 Nm of
torque. The EV is offered with front-wheel drive and like all electric
vehicles will be driven through a single-speed gearbox. Along with the Tiago
EV, an electric version of the Tigor is also on the cards.

Coming back to Tata Nano Electric, when launched it will take on the
Mahindra e2o. According to an Autocar report, all-electric Nano will first
only be launched for the taxi segment. So far, Ola Cabs and Bengaluru based
taxi service use the Mahindra e2o as their electric option. It is expected
that the Tata Nano EV will be superior to the e2o offering better

Tata Nano Electric was first showcased at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show and was
said to have a super-polymer lithium battery, promising a range of 160 km/h
on one full charge. Electric cars do not emit harmful pollutants, hence the
electric Tata Nano does make part of the city's taxi fleet, it would be a
small but positive step towards a cleaner environment.
[© 2017 The Indian Express]

Tata electric Nano to roll out soon as the Jayem Neo
Nov 22, 2017  Autocar India


Tata Motors will not launch an electric version of its Nano hatchback but
will instead supply complete Nano body shells without the engine and
transmission to Coimbatore-based Jayem Automotives which will manufacture
and market the EV.

The much-rumored Tata electric Nano is to be launched on November 28 but as
the Jayem Neo, says Autocar India which broke the news earlier today.

Contrary to previous reports, Tata Motors will not launch an electric
version of its Nano hatchback but will instead supply complete Nano body
shells without the engine and transmission to Coimbatore-based Jayem
Automotives which will manufacture and market the EV.

The Jayem Neo will be launched by Indian prime minister Narendra Modi.

Jayem Automotives has a longstanding association with Tata Motors and
recently entered into joint-venture (JT Special Vehicles) with the automaker
to develop sporty versions of select Tata models. Jayem will source the
electric powertrain from Electra EV, a specialist firm in the business of
design, development and supply of electric powertrains, battery packs as
well as charging infrastructure. Electra EV is a one-stop shop for providing
solutions in the electrified vehicle space.

The Neo will be powered by a 48 Volt system and 17kW (23hp) which is a
modest output for a car weighing around 800kg (the conventional 623cc petrol
Nano weighs 636kg). However, this specification of the Neo will only be
available for the fleet market and not for personal use; according to
sources, it is ‘powerful enough to serve the purpose as a city taxi’.
Sources claim an ARAI cycle range of 200km on a full charge, which drops to
around 140km with four persons and air-conditioning.

The Neo will be a Jayem-branded car carrying no Tata badge; however, the
sides will bear a ‘powered by Electra EV’ moniker.

Jayem will supply the first batch of 400 Neos to taxi aggregator Ola Cabs at
launch.  The Neo will not remain a fleet-only option. There are plans to
launch a more powerful version of the Neo for private buyers too.
[© Autocar Professional]

Tata Motors may launch electric Nano in Delhi with Ola for its taxi fleet
Nov 22, 2017  

Tata Motors had showcased the first Nano EV concept car at the Geneva motor
show in 2010 which came with a super-polymer lithium battery and promised a
range of 160km on full charge.

Tata Motors is planning to launch Tata Nano Electric which will compete with
the likes of Mahindra e2o, reports The Financial Express.

A report published by Team-BHP in September stated that the company was
found testing Tata Nano electric near Coimbatore sporting the Nano GenX
bodywork. The sticker '4BNEV-A08' on the window was the only way of knowing
it was an electric car.

Tata Motors would introduce Nano Electric cars in Delhi in collaboration
with Ola Cabs which will add the electric cars to its taxi fleet in the
national capital at the end of this year.

Tata Motors had showcased the first Nano EV concept car at the Geneva motor
show in 2010 which came with a super-polymer lithium battery and promised a
range of 160km on full charge.

The decision to push for the electric vehicle came after the Centre said
that country will go all-electric car by 2030 and the deteriorating air
quality in the northern parts of the country prompted automakers to
accelerate their plans to introduce electric vehicle.

One major advantage of the electric car is that it does not emit harmful
pollutants and are nature-friendly.

Tata Motors has been working on electric car technology through its UK-based
Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC) where it developed the Bolt EV
and disclosed the Tiago EV last month according to Autocar India.
Tiago electric car is powered by an 85kW motor that offers 200Nm torque and
a range of around 100km.
[© moneycontrol.com  e-Eighteen.com]

Tata Nano electric version to be unveiled by PM Modi on November 28?

Tata Nano EV

Tata Nano

Reports say that after the unveiling, cab aggregator Ola will take delivery
of 400 units of the Tata Nano electric.

Amid the news about the electric version of Tata Tigor which is ready for
delivery to Energy Efficiency Services (EESL), Tata Motors is reportedly
planning to unveil the electric version of Nano soon.

The small car with an electric heart will be unveiled by Prime Minister
Narendra Modi in New Delhi on November 28, according to MotorOctane. Reports
also claim that the event will see online cab aggregator Ola taking delivery
of 400 units of Nano electric models, whicj will be used for service in
Delhi-NCR. Tata Motors or PM's office has not responded to the report so

A report in Autocar had previously said that the Nano electric will be
targeted at the fleet market before being extended to the passenger car
segment. The new reports justify this claims.  The Nano electric is expected
to have a range of close to 150kms and a top speed of 135kmph. The EV heart
of the Nano will be the same that will power the upcoming Tigor electric
version. The batteries will be located under the seat as well.

In September, test mules of Nano were spotted testing at Coimbatore. The
'4BNEV-A08' window sticker gave credence to the guess that it's indeed an
electric variant. In addition, the mules of the Nano have been previously on
test in the same region.

Tata Nano EV is not an entirely new project. Tata Motors had showcased Nano
EV using super polymer lithium-ion batteries at the 80th Geneva Motor Show
in 2010. The model was supposed to have a range of up to 160km in the
production version and expected acceleration of 0-60kmph in less than 10

With the central government extensively promoting EVs with the tax cut and
special subsidies, Nano's second lease as world's most affordable EV cannot
be written off.
[© 2017 International Business Times]

BREAKING: PM Modi to unveil 400 Nano Electrics for Ola in Delhi
November 22, 2017  Rachit Hirani



Delhi has been suffering from a major pollution issue, and it seems a lot of
work is being done on it. Do you recall the Nano Electric being tested? That
will come into picture soon. On 28th November, Prime Minister Narendra Modi
is likely to inaugurate the Tata Nano Electric for Ola Cabs. These will be
used by Ola Cabs as its NCR/New Delhi fleet. As electric vehicles do not
cause any pollution, it will be used by Ola Cabs for its customers.

There will be 400 Tata Nano Electric cabs in use by Ola in the initial
stages. Ola has already been promoting Ola Share to reduce the pollution
levels in the national capital. With this, it will be a big initiative from
the company. The new Nano Electric should have a range of close to 150
kilometres and these will be all white in colour. These vehicles will have
similar technology like the Tigor electric. The batteries will be located
under the seat too. We did try to get in touch with Tata Motors, but
couldn’t get a response on it.

The electric technology has been majorly developed by Jaguar Land Rover and
Tata Motors UK Team. The Tiago Electric was recently spotted in the UK. Tata
Motors is looking at getting this technology into India. Even Maruti and
Toyota seem to be ready to roll out their first set of electric vehicles by
2020. The platform for the Nano is the same, however it will be heavier than
the regular Nano. Tata Motors has entered into the electric segment with the
Nano and the Tigor already. There have been rumours of Tata Motors having
invested in Faraday, which isn’t confirmed yet. We will shall soon have
information on that as well.

In the near future, the Nano electric will be available on sale too. At the
moment, the company is working on delivering the 10,000 electric Tigors. The
other bidders for this deal were Mahindra and Nissan. Now the question is,
are we ready with any infrastructure? Are our electric powerstations hydro
or pollution free? At the moment, it is a tad difficult to live with
electric vehicles with minimal infrastructure for it. There will be  another
follow-up story coming up. If you like such content, subscribe to our
newsletter for more updates. We will get you more exclusive stories like
[© motoroctane.com]

Jayem to roll out electric cars
November 23, 2017  Coimbatore-based Jayem Automotives will soon unveil 'Neo'
model of electric cars ...  The 48-volt "Neo" cars would be assembled and
marketed by Jayem Auto ...

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