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EVLN: Taycan(MissionE) EV sporting on mountain roads (v)

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Watch the Porsche Taycan electric concept on mountain roads in new DJI Mavic
2 drone footage
Sep. 3rd 2018  Fred Lambert


DJI – Mavic 2 – Grossglockner ()

In a solid cross-promotional effort, DJI released some beautiful new drone
footage of the Porsche Taycan electric concept driving on mountain roads
filmed with their new DJI Mavic 2.

There are a lot of exciting things about Porsche’s first all-electric
vehicles – mainly the deployment of the first 800-volt battery and charging
system in a passenger car.

But the car’s design itself might actually end up being its biggest selling
point if it looks anything close to the Mission E concept on which it is
based on.

The vehicle, which was first unveiled back in 2015, already won several
awards for its design years before its production launch and it is clear why
in this new footage of the vehicle driving on the tallest mountain in

DJI recently launched its next-generation Mavic 2 drones (the $1,250 DJI
Mavic 2 Zoom and the $1,450 DJI Mavic 2 Pro). To learn more about drones,
you can visit our sister site DroneDJ.com.

It looks like DJI got rare access to the Porsche Taycan prototype to use as
the subject from some promotional footage filmed with their new drones.

The production Porsche Taycan is not expected to be released until the end
of next year, but Porsche has been nonetheless ramping up its marketing
effort over the last year.

The German automaker has released several new promotional images and
footage, as well as interviews with the people behind the vehicle.
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