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EVLN: Tesla-3 spotted in Michigan despite MI-car-dealers' state Tesla-sales-ban

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Tesla Model 3 spotted in Michigan despite vehicle sales ban in state
December 1, 2017  Gene

[images  / Tony E.
Tesla-3 in MI w/ OH lic plates  @LA Fitness, Royal Oak, MI

Tesla-3 front

The Tesla Gallery at Nordstrom Somerset Collection  @Somerset mall, Troy, MI

A Tesla Model 3 was spotted in Michigan this week at the parking lot of LA
Fitness in Royal Oak. The sighting joins a list of other Model 3 sightings
in Europe and recently across U.S. borders in Vancouver, British Colombia.

Tesla Model 3 reservation holder Tony E. sent us the following photos of the
gorgeous vehicle in Midnight Silver Metallic. Tony tells Teslarati, “I was
shocked and had pre-workout in my body when I saw the Model 3.”

While Model 3 sightings, in general, have become more commonplace in recent
times, as the company continues to open up orders to reservation holders and
message with a surprisingly quick “4 week delivery” timeframe, the sighting
in Michigan remains unique, in and of itself.

Tesla remains locked in a legal battle with the state over the right to sell
its cars directly to consumers. Potential buyers of the Tesla Model 3, and
the company’s fleet of electric cars, are unable to purchase within the
state due to legacy franchise laws that require Tesla to sell vehicles
through independently owned dealerships.

Instead, the California automaker sells its vehicles online and through
company-owned storefronts, acts that Michigan lawmakers and state regulators
have deemed as unlawful and setting “a dangerous precedent“. Michigan
residents that are interested in buying a Tesla must first purchase out of
state and then drive the vehicle back across state borders, as evident in
the Ohio license plate seen on the Model 3.

Tesla has sued Michigan over the right to operate storefronts within the
state that would allow the company to sell its vehicles to interested
buyers. But with no prospect of a settlement in sight and court filings that
reveal a lengthy legal battle that will “drag out” well into 2018, Tesla is
losing out on sales opportunities in a state where car manufacturing is the
largest industry.

Tesla initially operated a gallery inside a Nordstrom department store at
the Somerset mall location in Troy, Michigan, but has since moved to a
full-scale standalone showroom next to the Apple store.
[© teslarati.com

Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers ... is a trade group of automobile
manufacturers that operate in the United States. It is the leading advocacy
group for the auto industry, representing 77% of all car and light truck
sales in the United States ...
Tesla can't sell in Michigan — but it just opened a gallery at Somerset
Dec 5, 2016 - Tesla Motors has opened a small gallery inside the Nordstrom
store at Somerset Collection in Troy. The automaker appears to be abiding by
a Michigan law that restricts sales of vehicles to franchised dealers. The
gallery, the first Tesla location in Michigan, opened Thursday and covers
about 700 square ...
Tesla opens its first full 'non-store' in Michigan despite ban on direct ...
Oct 27, 2017 - Tesla has opened a new gallery in Michigan which the
automaker makes clear is not a “store” since its direct-sales business model
is still banned in the state. A change to the law in 2014 prohibits direct
sales from automakers, which is blocking Tesla from obtaining a dealership
license and sell cars in the state ...
Tesla Wins A Battle In Its War With Michigan
Aug 22, 2017 - Particularly egregious protectionist legislation was passed
by the Michigan Legislature in 2014. The Michigan Legislature quietly
enacted an outright ban on Tesla's direct-to-consumer sales model,
effectively giving franchised dealers a state-sponsored monopoly on car
sales within Michigan.” ...
Tesla vs State of Michigan: car dealers fear disclosure of their role in ...
Jul 13, 2017 - Tesla's lawsuit against the state of Michigan is getting more
interesting with every development as it shines a light on the role of
lobbyists who clearly want to stay in the dark. After two legislators, now a
lobbyist for the car dealers association is fighting Tesla's subpoena to
make him disclose communications ...

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