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EVLN: Tesla-3rc spied> looks goofier, no freaky 0-60 mph performance levels

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Tesla Model 3 Release Candidate Spotted Next to a Model S Prompts Comparison
16 May 2017  Vlad Mitrache

(Tesla-3 RC)

So the Model 3 is almost ready to go into production. It feels like this car has been with us for so long now, and that's because Elon Musk chose to ignore the way the automotive industry works and showed us the design well over a year ago.

(Model 3 and S reunion)
The electric sedan suffered a few minor changes, but the overall shape remained largely the same. That's because much of the outline of the Model 3 is dictated by aerodynamic constraints, which is also why the new car is so similar to the existing Model S.

Similar, but not the same. At first glance, the Model 3 looks more compact than a Model S, and our eyes are not messing with us - it actually is. In fact, Musk said it's about 20 percent smaller than the more expensive sedan, but we suspect it's difficult to put this relation in numbers.

What's perfectly clear though - because we've been told so - is that the Model 3 has a superior drag coefficient, which is surprising, to say the least, considering the overall aspect of the two vehicles. But the designers used everything they had learned with the Model S and put it to use in the new car, thus enabling the Model 3 to make the most of its battery's capacity.

However, seeing the two cars side by side in these rare shots (taken by Michael S and published by Electrek), it has to be said the Model 3 doesn't come out on top in the battle for design supremacy. And we have a slight feeling the people at Tesla Motors don't have a problem with that.

You see, the Model 3 may be smaller than the S, but its oversized cabin still offers abnormal amounts of space for a vehicle in this segment. It is said the Model 3 will not offer the same freaky 0-60 mph performance levels as the top Model S models, but it's still going to be fast (around four seconds for the benchmark sprint). So why would anyone in their right mind pay twice as much for a Model S?

By making the Three look goofier, Tesla is essentially making sure that whoever values the design just as much as all the other things these cars have to offer will still go for the more expensive model. If anything, this shows a lot of pragmatism, something that Tesla hadn't been exuding so far. The little EV maker is maturing into a real car company, whether we like it or not.
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Tesla Model 3: great new high-res look at blue release candidate next to the Model S
May. 16th 2017

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