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EVLN: Tesla,GM,FMC Self-Driving Race details

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The Self-Driving Car Race Between Tesla, GM and Ford Takes a Big Turn
06/20/20 ... Both Ford’s and GM’s driving assist features rely on a “lidar”
(a radar using light instead of radio waves) system that pre-maps an entire
area in which a car is expected to move around. A driver can then select a
route on that map and direct the car to move itself along it. Tesla’s
Autopilot operates in a completely different method. Instead of pre-mapping
the roads, Tesla uses eight in-car cameras to capture a 360-degree view
around the vehicle at any moment. Real-time footages caught by these cameras
are then parsed by machine-learning algorithms to guide motion ...

+ (Beta Tech Alia's e-vtol transported)
Brawn over brains: How Beta’s new electric aircraft made its first flight
June 19, 2020 ... Burlington, Vermont-based electric aviation startup Beta
Technologies revealed its striking new aircraft, an all-white electric
vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) beauty code-named Alia ...

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