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EVLN: Tesla-S EVs with tasers> Luxembourg cops gone Electric

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Teslas with Tasers: Luxembourg cops are going electric
18 Aug 2017  Curtis Moldrich


The Luxembourg police have just ordered two Teslas

 The Tesla Model S is one of the most refined electric cars you can buy today. Featuring ridiculous performance in its P100D guise, an impressive range and fast charging, it’s probably the ultimate electric car. And that’s why the Luxembourg police department has just bought two.

According to RTL and Electrek [
], the Luxembourg police force is going to use its two new Tesla Model S cars as patrol vehicles, and that role really does play to the car's strengths. As a country, Luxembourg is small enough to make range less of an issue than normal. And because the cars will be on patrol, it will be pretty easy to plan charging into their shifts, too.

None of the reports say which type of Model S the police force has ordered – so we don’t know if the Luxembourg police has ordered the P100D, which is capable of 0-60mph in 2.3 seconds. However, pretty much all Tesla Model S cars are faster than conventional police cars, so any version of the EV will be quicker than its petrol alternative.

Lastly, the Tesla Model S is obviously greener than a conventional petrol police car, and that seems to be the main idea behind the purchases. According to Electrek, the EV purchases are part of a drive by the country’s Ministry of Sustainable Development to electrify more of the government’s cars.

Luxembourg’s recent purchase might seem groundbreaking, but it’s by no means the first time a police force has used an electric car. In EV numbers, the city of Los Angeles is well ahead of the rest of the world, already leasing 288 electric vehicles, and 160 fully electric vehicles. Those huge numbers also mean LA has the largest city-owned fleet of pure electric vehicles.

However, according to Electrek, most of those vehicles went to the LAPD: LA’s police force took delivery of 100 BMW i3s and two Tesla Model S sedans of their own.
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