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EVLN: Tesla Semi truck’s strange frunkadelic shape r:500+mi

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First look at the Tesla Semi’s strangely-shaped, generous frunk
June 25, 2019  Simon Alvarez

[image  / Jerome Mends-Cole
Tesla semi

A recent sighting of the Tesla Semi has provided a rare first look at the
all-electric truck’s front trunk, better known in the electric car community
as a frunk. Images taken of the storage space indicate that the Semi’s frunk
is actually a pretty decent size, which would allow drivers to store more
items in the all-electric vehicles during their travels.

The image of the Tesla Semi’s frunk was provided by entrepreneur and Tesla
enthusiast Jerome Mends-Cole, who runs SacTesla, a business that rents out
electric cars like the Model 3, S, and X. Being close friends with the staff
of Tesla’s Rocklin Store, Jerome received a call from the outlet informing
him that the Semi will be paying a visit at the location.
The Tesla Semi’s frunk. (Credit: Jerome Mends-Cole/Facebook)

Fortunately, the Tesla entrepreneur was in the area with his son. The father
and son duo promptly drove over in their Model X to the Rocklin Store, where
they were greeted by the massive, red-wrapped Tesla Semi. Tesla’s engineers
were nice enough to let Jerome take photos of the vehicle, at one point even
opening the all-electric truck’s frunk for some photos and videos.

As could be seen from images of the vehicle, the frunk of the Semi was
shaped irregularly, though the Tesla entrepreneur noted that the space was
generous nonetheless. In a message to Teslarati, Jerome pointed out that the
Semi’s frunk looked about the same size as the frunk of the Model S or X,
though the storage area appeared like it had “a potential to go deeper.”

This sizable, additional storage space in the Tesla Semi could very well be
one of those small things that truck drivers would appreciate from the
all-electric vehicle. While large, diesel-powered sleeper cabs have an
abundance of storage areas, short-route vehicles such as daycabs don’t
usually have as much places to store items. Considering that the Tesla Semi
will likely be deployed mostly for short-haul routes considering the
vehicle’s 300-500 mile range, the additional storage offered by the truck’s
frunk would help drivers maintain an uncluttered cabin.

Tesla has noted that the Semi will start production sometime next year,
roughly a year after its original intended production date of 2019.
Nevertheless, the electric car maker has noted that the Semi has gone
through improvements since it was unveiled back in 2017. Elon Musk, for
example, has previously noted that the vehicle will likely have a range that
is closer to 600 miles per charge, instead of the initial 500-mile estimate.
[© teslarati.com]

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