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EVLN: Tesla Smart Summon is a welcomed mobility-challenged party-trick

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Tesla’s Smart Summon is life-changing for drivers with mobility problems
September 27, 2019  Simon Alvarez

Tesla Smart Summon in action. (Credit: Rody Davis/YouTube)

Tesla’s Smart Summon has been teased by CEO Elon Musk for some time, and now
that it’s being rolled out with the V10 Update, the feature is pretty much
meeting or even exceeding the community’s expectations. While the previous
iteration of Summon has been dubbed as a neat “party trick” that has
relatively few real-world uses, Smart Summon has the potential to positively
impact the lives of electric car owners, particularly those who have issues
with mobility.

Parking lots could be annoying for everyday drivers, particularly those in
areas that tend to be busy (or tend to have drivers who park
inconsiderately) such as a grocery store or a mall. During instances when
the weather is not cooperating, for example, retrieving a car [
] from a parking lot could be a headache. Not only do drivers have to walk
through rain or snow (among others), but they would also have to squeeze
themselves in between vehicles and contort themselves as necessary just to
get in the driver’s seat.

For a regular driver, these instances are at times enough to incite some
sighs of frustration (or a few well-deserved swear words for that matter).
But for individuals with mobility issues, getting to a car in a crowded
parking lot, even in good weather, could be a painful challenge. Tesla
community member u/MasterK999 from the r/TeslaMotors subreddit, a cancer
survivor who has experienced mobility problems [
] after surgeries, stated that issues could arise even in parking spots that
may look convenient to the layman.

This, according to the r/TeslaMotors member, could result in inconvenient
circumstances, such as relying on the kindness of strangers to back up his
car enough so that he could get in without pain or difficulty. Features such
as Smart Summon [
] addresses these difficulties, as he could simply direct the vehicle to a
target location that could provide him with easy access to the driver’s

What is quite encouraging is that Smart Summon is but a part of the features
that comprise Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite [
], a series of functions that allow a vehicle to operate on its own without
driver input. With each new FSD feature that Tesla adds to its electric
cars, the company gets a little bit closer towards giving the gift of
mobility to everyone, including individuals who, for one reason or another,
are unable to physically operate a vehicle on their own.

The upcoming advantages of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving initiatives were
outlined by fellow r/TeslaMotors subreddit member u/Teeklin, who suffers
from chronic health issues [
]. While not a Tesla owner yet, the EV enthusiast stated that the emergence
of the electric car maker’s Full Self-Driving features be life-changing for
him and his wife, who also suffers from a chronic illness.

“A Tesla isn’t just a gimmick, when we can finally afford one and the
self-driving is totally automated it will be a lifesaver. Right now, it’s
hard to get to a store 5 minutes away a couple (of) times a week, much less
visit friends and family or go someplace in the city. It’s isolating and
makes the health problems that much worse. Having the ability to be driven
by your vehicle to where you need to go when you’re not feeling well enough
to drive yourself will improve our quality of life immensely,” he wrote.  

For this alone, Tesla and most especially its Full Self-Driving team [
] deserve some credit. As for Summon, what was once a “party trick” has
definitely turned into something far more with the V10 Update.
[© teslarati.com]

+ (dos & dont's of when &where to use Tesla's auton summon)
Tesla Smart Summon isn't for use in public places, America
Smart Summon is part of the company's V10 software update on its Model 3,
Model S and Model X electric cars ...

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