EVLN: Tesla.au offering a year of free home AGL charging for Model S & X customers

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EVLN: Tesla.au offering a year of free home AGL charging for Model S & X customers

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Tesla to offer a year of free charging for Model S and X customers
20170608  Paul Maric




Tesla Australia has announced an initiative to give customers free electricity through AGL for a year if they buy a Model S or X before July 31.

Beginning June 9, any customer that purchases a Model S or Model X will be signed up to AGL’s Electric Car Plan and given unlimited charging for a period of one year.

The initiative runs in parallel with Tesla Finance and InsureMyTesla, both services that make the pathway to electric vehicle ownership easier.

AGL’s Electric Car Plan offsets 100 per cent of the charging emissions through its Future Forests program. It means that any power used by the vehicle won’t come from coal or damage the environment.

If you have already ordered your vehicle — don’t fret. Any customers awaiting delivery of their vehicle will also be eligible.

The only catch is that customers must switch to AGL by August 31, and it’s only valid for customers in a single dwelling home, due to the installation of an electric meter.

But, what is the monetary value of this offer? A quick look at the AGL website shows that it’s not exactly a huge saving.

The AGL Electric Car Plan costs $1 per day for unlimited charging, meaning you would potentially save $365 per year.
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