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We Made The Mistake Of Searching For "Tesla Pickup" On Facebook And The
Results Are Something Else @ Top Speed
September 2, 2019  Sidd Dhimaan








 (The car is known to use the world's first rechargeable battery, priced at
$ 49,000. If you come to Cambodia, it may be over $ 10,000.)

This will stop only when Tesla launches the truck

The Tesla Pickup truck has been the talk of the town ever since it was
announced. Surprisingly, there are a lot of details out, like the towing
capacity, and even the drivetrain specs to some extent, but no one knows
what it looks like. The so-called ‘official’ images don’t give out much
either. There are a lot of impressive renderings out there; some very
logically thought out designs that might be close to what the actual truck
could look like. However, we decided to search for the truck on Facebook and
found some very ‘creative masterpieces.’

Which One Is Your Favorite Of The Lot?

People are surely having fun with these renderings. In fact, some of them
are pretty old, thus showing you that people have been anticipating this
truck for a long time now. You can find everything from a simple, Model
X-based design, to a monstrous truck with off-road tires, high-stance, and
all of that. Considering how simple and elegant the whole Tesla stable looks
currently, you would expect the truck to follow the same path. However, Musk
announced that it will be "futuristic like [a] cyberpunk, Blade Runner
pickup truck” and unlike anything in the market. So, I guess we’re looking
at a funky design that will be an attention-seeker.

Despite the Pickup being one of the most anticipated vehicles today, Tesla
has managed to keep this close-guarded secret away from carparazzis and
prying eyes successfully. There were instances where people went nuts seeing
an actual Tesla pickup truck, only to realize later that an impatient owner
decided to take the matters into her own hands and build a Tesla truck of
her own. Her ‘Truckla’ is based on the Tesla Model 3 and it actually looks
very practical. But the latest teaser image appears to be a wraparound
taillight on the liftgate of the truck bed. From what we can see in the
teaser, the truck will be boxy and will bear a rather retro, contemporary
look. What is it going to be, Tesla? Just come out with it already.
Tesla Will Be Launching The Truck Soon

In the far-end of July, a Twitter user asked Musk when the truck would be
launched, and Musk replied saying we could see it in two-three months. The
automaker is not known to attend auto shows, so if we were to speculate
where the launch would be, I would say at a standalone event, like most of
its other launches to date.

    However, if by some miracle Tesla decides to launch it at an auto show,
it would most likely be at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show.

This will be held in the last week of November, which is pretty close to the
two-three months’ ultimatum that Musk announced. Another aspect playing in
favor of this is that California is Tesla’s home ground - Tesla’s factory is
in Fremont, whereas its headquarters sit in Palo Alto. What if Musk hosts a
standalone event that clashes with the LA Auto Show? That would be one hell
of a way to announce its arrival.

A Tech-Heavy Truck Even For Jobsite Operators?

Coming to its technology bits, Tesla is known to offer some amazing gizmos
and features in its vehicles, so at that price point, you can expect it to
be much better than its primary rivals at the moment – the Rivian R1T and
the electric Ford F-150. Even in terms of autonomy, Tesla has billions of
more real-world miles of data when compared to Rivian’s infant steps in the
same department. Musk also announced that the Tesla pickup truck will be
able to tow 300,000 pounds.

    This is almost 10 times more than what the current crop of
combustion-engined heavy-duty trucks can tow.

However, Ford quickly diffused the situation by releasing a video of the
electric F-150 prototype that towed 1.25 million pounds. This war is clearly
bringing out the best of what all these automakers have to offer. Who’s the
winner, you ask? The customer.

It Seems Strong On Paper At Least

The Tesla pickup truck will feature dual motors and a suspension that
dynamically adjusts for the load as standard. It will most likely come with
a range of 500 miles on a single charge. Performance will play a key role in
these new-gen electric trucks, and in the 2019 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting
held a couple of months back, Musk apparently compared its truck to the base
Porsche 911.

    This means the Tesla pickup truck should be able to do the 0-60 mph
sprint around the four-second mark.

This sure is impressive, but it is far behind the Rivian R1T’s three-second
claim to sprint to the 60 mph mark from a standstill. As for the pricing,
the Tesla truck will start retailing under $50,000. The Rivian R1T, on the
other hand, will start around $69,000 and is expected to be launched in late
2020. And the Ford truck? Well, it’s a long time away and there’s no word on
the pricing either ...
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Tesla Pickup Truck’s unveiling event aimed at November, hints Elon Musk
September 7, 2019 ... Telsa Pickup Truck release date ... will ... be
unveiled in November, according to ... Musk ...

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