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EVLN: Tesla pickup will get 'crazy' features | Tesla-3 selfparks

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Electric pickup will have 'crazy' features
June 26, 2018  Nathan Bomey, USA TODAY

Elon Musk  @elonmusk  · 26 Jun
    What would you love to see in a Tesla pickup truck? I have a few things
in mind, but what do you think are small, but important nuances & what would
be seriously next level?

Elon Musk  @elonmusk  
    The Tesla Truck will have dual motor all-wheel drive w crazy torque & a
suspension that dynamically adjusts for load. Those will be standard.
    1:30 PM - Jun 26, 2018

Tesla pickup will get 'crazy' features, Musk says

Tesla's forthcoming electric pickup will have standard four-wheel-drive and
a high-tech suspension that enables a smooth ride, CEO Elon Musk promised

Musk tweeted that the vehicle "will have dual motor all-wheel drive w crazy
torque & a suspension that dynamically adjusts for load. Those will be

Standard pickups usually come with rear-wheel drive but "can be upgraded to
all-wheel drive and bigger motors," Matt DeLorenzo, senior managing editor
for auto-selling site Kelley Blue Book, said in an email.

A standard system that dynamically adjusts for load "will be something
unique," DeLorenzo said. But such a system is currently available as an
option on a Ram pickup and a suspension that dynamically adjusts for
off-road conditions is available on the Ford Raptor pickup, he said.

The Tesla pickup will also parallel park itself automatically with
360-degree camera vision, Musk said. There are many vehicles on the market
that can park themselves.

The pickup's rear gate "seems like" it "should rotate on a four bar linkage
& drop down to the ground or close. Kinda like some big trucks have," Musk

The pickup is likely still years away because it typically takes three to
five years to develop a new vehicle from scratch.

It would be the first fully electric pickup on the market from a major
automaker. And it would enter a fierce competition with stalwart pickups
from Chevrolet, Ford, Ram, Toyota and others.

Tesla declined to reveal more details or timing.
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