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EVLN: Tesla's Santa winter wonderland Mode Easter Egg (v)

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Tesla 'Santa Mode' Easter egg turns your EV into a winter wonderland
December 26, 2017  James Marshall

It seems that Tesla is getting into the Christmas spirit if a recent vehicle
software update is anything to go by.

There are quite a few ways to activate the Easter egg, which is available to
Model S and Model X Teslas as part of software version 2017.50.2.

Santa Mode follows last year's sensational "Holiday Show" easter egg that
brings to life Tesla Model X's Falcon Wing doors in an acrobatic performance
to the tune of Wizards in Winter.

It looks like one of the most complicated Easter egg to date. Press that
flashy reindeer and you'll see Santa showing up on the instrument cluster.

Aside from opening the slider, it looks like it can also be activated by
saying "Ho ho ho" in voice command.

Even if you don't happen to own a Tesla Model X or Model S, you can check
out the Sant Mode Easter Egg in the piece of footage below, which comes from
Brooks of the Drag Times YT channel.

In addition to seeing your vehicle and other cars as Christmas-themed icons,
you'll also find that your digital lane indicators are transformed into an
icy road with snowflakes.

Lastly, spreading holiday cheer isn't complete without the sounds of jingle
bells. Oh, and this is just half the fun, since you can also use voice
activation for the feature.
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Tesla's Santa Mode Easter Egg in action, courtesy of DragTimes (v)

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