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EVLN: UPS delivery Electric-trike In Portland-OR

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'4 Cs' — Committment, Collaboration, Consistency, Community — Crucial for Smart Cities
March 13, 2017  Theo Douglas

In Portland, Ore., the eBike, an electrically assisted delivery bike based on a 2012 pilot in Hamburg, Germany, debuted in November, part of a fleet of more than 7,700 low-emission vehicles  / UPS

A new report may help municipalities become 'smart cities,' but legacy infrastructure may hold them back.

A new white paper co-sponsored by the United Parcel Service and the Consumer Technology Association holds a number of sobering but intriguing revelations for would-be smart cities —  among them the finding that Asia, not the U.S., is likely to become a center of smart city innovation ...

Elsewhere, in the U.S., UPS fields electric and hybrid electric vehicles whose drivers run On-Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation (ORION), which uses fleet telematics and algorithms to help them optimize delivery routes to save time, fuel and distance. ORION saves the company more than 1.5 million gallons of fuel annually.

UPS's work in Atlanta, home to its headquarters, is broadly analogous to the work Kansas City’s major “smart” partners like AT&T, Cisco and others have done to collaborate with the public sector.

That contrasts, Bennett said, with India — where the federal government has a $20 billion budget it invests in smart cities.

“Our corporate partners are taking on some of that risk with us. Because of that, we are all rowing together to make this thing work,” Bennett said.
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