EVLN: Uncle Jack’s escooter stolen while attending Sunday Church

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EVLN: Uncle Jack’s escooter stolen while attending Sunday Church

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'Insurance company doesn’t insure EVs'

% Electric or not, always cable-lock/secure vehicles> harder2 steal %

Electric scooter stolen outside a church
October 19, 2014

[video  flash]

A disabled Hamilton man is devastated after his only means of transportation was stolen from outside a Hamilton church Sunday morning.

Uncle Jack’s [electric] scooter was taken while he was attending Sunday services at Little Bethel Community Church on Paling Avenue shortly before noon.

He heard the alarm go off, but the scooter was gone when he went outside.

The expensive scooter was purchased with his inheritance money and his insurance company said they’d didn’t insure the electric vehicle.

The man, who also suffers from heart issues, has been urged to remain calm as the search goes on for the scooter.

If you have any information on the theft please call Hamilton police or Crimestoppers.
[© 2014 Channel Zero]
Little Bethel Community Church, Hamilton ON.ca

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