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EVLN: Updated 195km 36kWh SM3 Z.E. EV is a big deal.kr

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2018 Renault Samsung SM3 Z.E. Debuts With 132-Mile Range
2017/11/27  Adrian Padeanu

2018 – SM3 Z.E.



The new 36-kWh battery pack grants a maximum range of 213 kilometers (132

Remember the Renault Fluence? The Megane-based compact sedan was introduced
back in 2009 and is still alive and kicking in some parts of the world,
including in South Korea where it’s known as the Samsung SM3. Built at a
factory in Busan, the latter has been available since late 2013 in an
all-electric Z.E. (Zero Emission) flavor, which is now being updated.

Gone is the old 22-kWh battery as it has been replaced by a higher-capacity
36-kWh pack without having an impact on the car’s weight. As a result of the
newly gained battery, the 2018 Renault Samsung SM3 Z.E. will be able to
travel for up to 213 kilometers (132 miles) between charges, though we
should mention these numbers are based on the Korean type approval cycle
(think more like 115-120 miles/185-195 km in the real world/EPA-estimated).
Compared to its predecessor, the driving range has increased by a
considerable 57 percent.

The updated SM3 Zero Emission was unveiled today on the occasion of the
Daegu International Future Auto Expo.

According to a local study conducted by the Korean Transportation Safety
Authority (KOTSA), the average daily trip in South Korea lasted for
approximately 25 miles (40 kilometers) last year, prompting Renault and
Samsung to say the revised version of the electric sedan will
(theoretically) run for about five days without having to recharge the
battery pack. That should cure range anxiety once and for all, at least when
it comes down to driving only in the city.

The SM3 Z.E. is a big deal in South Korea as not only is it popular with
regular customers, but also among taxi operators and state-run fleets. Last
April, no less than 1,200 cars were acquired by the country’s Ministry of
Health and Welfare, so the battery update will be appreciated by many.

2018 Renault Samsung SM3 Z.E. Debuts With 132-Mile Range
Nov 23, 2017 - Renault Samsung Motors have introduced an updated version of
the all-electric SM3 sedan, which now has 57 percent more range and can
cover 213 kilometers ...
2018 Renault Samsung SM3 Z.E. Has A Larger Battery, And 132 Miles ...
Nov 23, 2017 - Renault has unveiled an updated version of the Samsung SM3
Z.E. in Korea, with a larger battery and increased zero-emission range. ...
This move is said to have zero impact on the electric sedan's weight, but as
a result, the range has increased by an impressive 57 percent over its
predecessor, to 132 ...
Renault Samsung Motors unveils the new SM3 Z.E.: increases range by more
than 50%
November 23, 2017 - Renault Samsung Motors unveiled the new SM3 Z.E. today
at Korea's Daegu International Future Auto Expo. Driving range increased by
57%. Groupe Renault is continuing the process of upgrading its electric
vehicle range which stands out as the market's most comprehensive EV
line-up. Daegu (South ...

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