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EVLN: VW wooing Ford’s pretty sad looking compliance EV lineup

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VW Open To Sharing MEB Platform For Electric Vehicles With Ford
October 31, 2018  Michael Gauthier

 vw meb

Ford’s electric vehicle lineup is looking pretty sad these days as your only
choice is to pick up one of the few remaining Focus Electric models that are
only available in a handful of states.

The model never caught on with consumers and Ford wasn’t even particularly
thrilled about it as company’s global director of electrification, Ted
Cannis, effectively called it a compliance car that’s “not too exciting.”
It’s not hard to understand way the model was such a failure as the 2016
Focus Electric had a range of just 76 miles (122 km). Ford eventually
installed a better battery pack, but even that couldn’t make the Focus
Electric competitive as the range was just 115 miles (185 km) according to
EPA estimates.

Ford’s Mustang-inspired electric vehicle promises to fix the Focus’ many
shortcomings, but the company hasn’t reveal much about the crossover and it
already faced backlash after hinting it could be called the Mach 1. Aside
from a few teasers, little is known about the model except that it will be
launched in 2020 and have a range of approximately 300 miles (483 km).

It’s one of 16 new electric vehicles the company is working on and all of
them are slated to arrive by 2022. While Ford is obviously pretty invested
in EVs at this point, Volkswagen CFO Frank Witter suggested their
partnership talks with Ford could result in the Blue Oval getting access to
the company’s MEB platform which has been specifically designed for electric

As Automotive News reports, Witter said “Whether we might provide access to
other brands outside of the VW Group is theoretically possible, but there is
no decision.” That leaves the door open for Ford to use the platform, but
that’s far from certain at this point.

It also remains unclear if Ford would even be interested in using the MEB
platform as the company’s own electric vehicle program is pretty advanced at
this point. However, access to the platform could provide Ford with a quick
and affordable way to bring electric vehicles to market.
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