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Vauxhall Is Working On Secret Electric Corsa
June 30th, 2018  Nicolas Zart

Vauxall electric eCorsa

Vauxhall eCorsa name confirmed for 2020 electric hatchback

Vauxhall might not be on everyone’s lips in the US, but in the UK it’s an
everyday affair. The Opel Corsa was reworked by Vauxhall when GM owned all
companies, but is now part of Groupe PSA.

If you know what a Corsa is, you are also probably asking why it has not
been offered with a proper electric motor. Vauxhall says it is now working
on the eCorsa — unfortunately, there’s a gasoline version as well.

Vauxhall Is Working On The eCorsa

For those who don’t know Vauxhall or its prestigious history, the company
was founded by Scottish Alexander Wilson in Vauxhall, London, in 1857. The
first cars were built in 1903, and they were raced by 1908. They continued
to create a long, successful history until the demise of the British car
industry in the ’70s. Today, Vauxhall is a brand that rebadges GM cars, soon
Peugeot cars, but it will be used to develop electric vehicles (EVs).

Hearing about using old carmakers for EVs is a great cause for celebration
at CleanTechnica. We hope this is Peugeot’s way of using Vauxhall as its EV
research platform, considering the only electric car that Peugeot has had
experience with was a rebranded Mitsubishi i-MiEV (and the Peugeot Partner
EV if you count vans).

So far, we know the Vauxhall eCorsa will adopt a unified look, only changing
the front fascia of the EV, presumably to make it more recognizable.

According to Michael Lohscheller, Opel/Vauxhall CEO, the company aims to
also deliver an electric SUV called the Grandland X SUV.

Making Sense Of The Vauxhall/Opel/Peugeot Vauxhall eCorsa Electrification

We’re happy to see Peugeot acting quickly in the EV field after separating
from GM and finalizing the Opel and Vauxhall partnership.

The European auto industry is an old and established landscape that will
only meet our electric mobility demands by using the car companies it has
and slowly becoming profitable with its baseline models. This is in stark
contrast to startups and a few established carmakers chasing after the
luxury and performance segment. We are looking forward to the Vauxhall
eCorsa by 2020!
[© cleantechnica.com]

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