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EVLN: Wait… wuuuut?, Lanbei’s 4.7m 11-Passenger eScooter

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Lanbei’s 4.7 Meter, 11-Passenger Scooter
10/22/2014  by Ted Dillard

The Lanbei 4.7m 7-person scooter

The Lanbei at maximum payload

Lanbei scooters

Screen shot 2014-10-17 at 7.16.07 AM
Lanbei LB-L07

11-person scooter on display

Front brake detail

Rear wheel/controller detail

Wait…  wuuuut?

Yes, this image, circulating the internet, is a photo of what we presume to be a publicity stunt by Chinese scooter manufacturer, Lanbei.  They’ve been around for a while, and we’re trying to get a bit more information about this beast.  Such as, the turning radius?  They did get back to us to say that they show the bike all over China, and it has lithium batteries and a brushless motor.  We’ll update with more information as we get it.

From the Lanbei site: [

Zhejiang Lanbei Vehicle Co.,Ltd, is located at the bank of Qiantang River, a beautiful river in Hangzhou China. It is one of the leading manufacturers specializing in electric bike, electric sightseeing vehicles, golf carts and so on. With the combination of industry management and strategic investment, it has grown into a modern innovative private enterprise in China. And it is the earliest one who set up electric vehicle research institute and science and technology research institute for battery, which is regarded as a pioneer in electric vehicle industry in China.

Some of the history of the company:

In 1998, …  Lanbei Company firstly entered the electric vehicle industry when this industry is still in the initial stage of development. In 1999, Lanbei electric vehicle research institute was established,and then the science and technology research institute for battery was set up,which became the earliest scientific research office at that time.

The products have been approved by ISO9001 certificate and CE certificate in Europe,and as well as production permit for export. Also, the company obtained “China 10 famous brand”, “Zhejiang Quality Reliable Company”, etc.

In 2007, the united research academe between LANBEI and GLANCE of Germany was founded. Meanwhile,the company chose famous universities as its partners like Zhejiang University,Shanghai Jiaotong University, enhanced the technological cooperation and improved the whole competitive force.
(…  Quan Shuiming, founder and general manager of Lanbei company…)

Not only into scooters, they’re offering lines of e-bikes as well ...
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