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EVLN: While GM is messing w/ Baojun E100 JV Launch.cn> Bolt production.us idles (v)

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SAIC-GM-Wuling Launches Baojun E100, Its First Electric Car
July 21, 2017  



SAIC-GM-Wuling officially launched the Baojun E100, the brand’s first all-electric vehicle.

Available in two variants, it is priced as low as RMB 35,800 (5,290 USD or 4,536 EURO) after national and local subsidies.

On July 10, SAIC-GM-Wuling began limited pre-sales of the E100 in Liuzhou, Guangxi. More than 5,000 people registered for the first 200 vehicles. Another 500 vehicles will be available starting tomorrow, with sales initially limited to Guangxi.

The E100 is powered by a single motor that produces 110 Nm of torque and 29 kW of motoring power. It can travel up to 155 km (96) on a single charge making it suitable choice for many urban daily commutes in China. The lithium-ion battery pack can be fully charged in 7.5 hours. It is capable of capturing energy through a regenerative braking system.

With a wheelbase of 1,600 mm and height of 1,670 mm, the compact E100 seats up to two adults comfortably. Its turning radius of 3.7 meters enables it to get in and out of tight spaces conveniently. The vehicle has a maximum speed of 100 km/h, allowing it to travel on local roads and urban expressways.

The E100 has an independent front-wheel suspension and single-arm rear suspension. Its list of safety features includes anti-lock brakes with electronic brakeforce distribution, electric power steering, an electronic parking brake, parking sensors, ISOFIX locks for child safety seats and a pedestrian alert system.

Its 7-inch screen and Wi-Fi enable E100 users to enjoy infotainment and remain connected while on the road. The electric vehicle is also available with a touchpad, air filter and keyless entry on the premium Zhixiang variant.
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SAIC-GM-Wuling Launches Baojun E100, Its First Electric Vehicle
2017-07-21 ...  It can travel up to 155 km on a single charge ... lithium-ion battery pack can be fully charged in 7.5 hours ... E100 seats up to two ... maximum speed of 100 km/h, allowing it to travel on local roads and urban expressways ... Its 7-inch screen and Wi-Fi enable E100 users to enjoy infotainment and remain connected while on the road ...
Baojun is a Chinese automobile marque owned by a joint venture of General Motors and SAIC Motor, SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile ...

GM China's future vehicles - Baojun and Wuling
16 June 2017  Glenn Brooks

Baojun and Wuling are two of the best selling brands in China, and each is controlled by the SAIC General Motors Wuling joint venture. This is the first part of a look into each of GM's passenger vehicles divisions and their worldwide models, both current and future.

Background and Manufacturing
SAIC holds 50.1 per cent of SGMW and Wuling Motors controls 5.9 per cent. GM has a 44 per cent stake.

SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd. (SGMW) is a joint venture that was founded in November 2002. State-controlled SAIC holds 50.1 per cent of SGMW and Wuling Motors controls 5.9 per cent. GM has a 44 per cent stake, having bought an extra 10 per cent from Liuzhou Wuling Motors in November 2010 ...
The Baojun E100 Is A General Motors Electric City Car
December 13, 2016  Tycho de Feijter






The motor. Baojun means ‘treasure horse’, and the badge is thus a horse’s head.

Another one seen outside, parked like a boss. Note steel wheels and fiery stickers.

With a yellow roof and the same fiery stickers. Are these stickers going to be factory..? The sticker depicts the front of a car, you can see the front wheel, the light, and the A-pillar. It looks a bit like a Smart but I guess it is art.

Orange seats.

Shiny strip between the lights topped by the word Baojun.

And they are coming with a lot. Seen outside the factory in Liuzhou.

New photos again of the Baojun E100, a new electric city car for China. It seems finally ready. The E100 was expected for debut in September, then for November, but so far it hasn’t been launched yet. The latest news says it will finally hit the market in January, just before Chinese New Year.

Baojun is a brand name under the SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture in which GM has a 43% stake. The other partners are SAIC (aka Shanghai Auto) and Wuling Automobile.

SAIC and GM are also tied up in the giant Shanghai-GM joint venture that makes Buick, Chevrolet, and Cadillac cars for the Chinese market.

The E100 is the first of a range of new electric vehicles under the Baojun brand. They are also working on another one with a BMW i-syndrome.

One E100 was on display in what seems to be a canteen or company restaurant. It is painted in white orange, is has orange accents on the bumpers and wheels and mirrors, and it has fuzzy stickers on the doors and bonnet.

The interior is properly cool. We got worried for a moment when we saw a less pretty interior in a test car, but that was likely a pre-production vehicle. The steering wheel and seats are partly green. The wheel has a flat bottom for that racy EV feeling. The ‘instrument panel’ is a screen smaller than my iPhone’s. The air vents are fully integrated in the dash.

Very nice. General Motors should put a Chevrolet badge on it and sell it in the United States and a cheaper alternative for the Bolt. Californians and New Yorkers will love the hip out of it.

It has an electric motor with 20hp, peak power stands at 29hp. Top speed is 100 km/h and range is 100 kilometer, hence the e100 name. But with an average speed of 60 km/h, city traffic, it will do 160 kilometer. It has a 115V/130aH lithium ion battery. Size: 2488/1506/1620, and wheelbase is 1600. It seats two people.

And that happy duo shouldn’t take too many bags because there is no space for that. Black bag with orange lining holds the charging cable, taking up one third of the available space. Seat belts are green and that is seriously eco. Price for all this pretty will end up around 60.000 yuan including subsidies. The E100 will compete with cars like the Zotye Zhima E30 and the Zhi Dao D2 ...
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EVLN: GM extends Bolt-EV/Sonic-ice plant shutdown> (111day Bolt EV supply @dealers)
Jul 24 2017
EVLN: ¥60k($8.7k) GM.cn Baojun(Treasured Horse) E100 lsEV r:100km ts:100kph
Dec 20, 2016 ... % Treasured Horse  (as in a cherished car, worthy of the buyer, etc.) ... %
[video  (.ru>translate.google>.en  Russian spoken)
Baojun E100
Orbit of the Imagination Jan 7, 2016

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