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EVLN: Workhorse(AMP) eyeing idled Lordstown-OH GM plant> not-a-done-deal (v)

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Who is Workhorse Group, the company buying GM's Lordstown plant: Five things
to know
May 8, 2019  Randy Tucker

A test model of the Workhorse W-15 electric pickup, which can travel 80-100
miles on a single battery charge. (Photo: Provided)

video  flash
The Loveland-based maker of the Workhorse W-15 electric pickup truck expects
production to begin in 2019. The Enquirer/Randy Tucker

 ... GM plans to sell its idled Lordstown Assembly plant to the
Cincinnati-area Workhorse Group and build electric trucks there.

Who is Workhorse? Here are five things to know:


The company, formerly known as AMP Holding Inc., was founded in 2007 and is
headquartered in Loveland, Ohio.


With 98 full-time employees, Workhorse designs, manufactures, builds, sells,
and leases battery-electric vehicles and aircraft in the United States.


The company recently signed a deal with UPS to design and deploy 50 plug-in
electric delivery trucks.


Its signature vehicle is the W-15 electric pickup truck with a backup,
3-cylinder gas motor [ice,rex] for longer drives.

Workhorse reported revenues of  $763,173 in 2018.
MORE: Workhorse pickup can do 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds [
] ... [© cincinnati.com]
 ... In March 2015 AMP Electric Vehicles took over Workhorse Custom Chassis,
changing the company name to Workhorse Group Incorporated, and began
offering a range of electrically powered delivery vans ...

General Motors: Lordstown, Ohio Plant Sale to Electric Truck Maker Near
May 9, 2019 ... GM would not be involved with Workhorse's operations if the
deal happens ... but to be very clear, the deal is not done,” said GM ...

UAW wants GM to keep the Lordstown plant
May 08, 2019  Senator O'Brien tells 21 News that Workhorse plans to hire 400
workers who will be ... AMP Electric Vehicles went public in 2010 trading on
the OTC market ...

Trump, O'Brien say GM selling Lordstown to electric truck manufacturer
May 08, 2019  Senator O'Brien tells 21 News that Workhorse of Cincinnati
plans to hire 400 workers ... AMP Electric Vehicles went public in 2010
trading on the OTC market ...

Workhorse posts declining sales; expects full production of electric vehicle
by fourth quarter
May 7, 2019  Sales continued to fall at Workhorse as it delivered fewer
trucks in the first quarter of 2019 during its transition to an
electric-vehicle maker ...

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