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EVLN: Zedd sez Tesla Autopilot woke him up= saved his life

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Music producer Zedd shares story about how Tesla Autopilot ‘probably’ saved
his life
2 June 2018  Doug Galvin

Music producer Zedd & Tesla

In a recent Twitter post, music producer Anton Zaslavski has a shared a
story about how the ‘Autopilot’ semi-autonomous driver assist system of his
Tesla electric vehicle had ‘probably’ saved his life.

Anton Zaslavski, who is popularly known by his stage name Zedd, has 8
million followers on Twitter. In his new post on the social microblogging
platform, he has mentioned how the Autopilot system of his Tesla electric
vehicle helped him out of a potential danger.

Sharing his story about the Tesla Autopilot system, Zedd said in the Twitter
post that he once dozed off while driving home late at night on the highway,
with the Autopilot of his Tesla car left on.

Zedd further said that he “got woken up” by the Autopilot system which kept
“beeping + turning off music to wake me up;” and added: “Would have prob
been dead without it.”

With the Autopilot system being held responsible for some of the recent
crashes involving Tesla’s electric vehicles, Zedd has shared his story about
the system because he feels that it “shows the other side” of the Autopilot

Zedd’s story has drawn attention to the fact that the Autopilot system in
Tesla vehicles sends periodic alerts to drivers to ensure that they keep
their hands on the wheel. The system prompts the drivers to remain alert all
the time, so that they can take control of their vehicles when required.
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