EVLN: Zoomcar EV.in fleet drove 100k-km last quarter

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EVLN: Zoomcar EV.in fleet drove 100k-km last quarter

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With 1 crore kms in last quarter, Zoomcar leads electric vehicles marathon
November 6, 2019  


With 1 crore kms in last quarter, Zoomcar leads electric vehicles
marathon,NEW DELHI: Zoomcar announced its fleet of electric vehicles (EVs)
has completed over one crore kilometer in the last quarter.

Most of us are wary of buying electric vehicles (EVs) because we don’t
understand how the car works or the technology behind the vehicles. That's
where the self-drive rental platform Zoomcar comes in, aiming to make the
future of mobility more connected, shared and powered by zero-emission [
] technologies, India’s leading self-drive mobility platform said in a

Over the past seven years, we have been transforming urban mobility across
emerging economies," said Greg Moran, CEO and Co-Founder Zoomcar. “We are
thrilled to bring innovative, green mobility solutions to the people and our
recent milestone of covering over one crore kilometer in the last quarter is
a testament to our endeavour in promoting a clean environment. At Zoomcar,
we have always empowered our customers with better mobility alternatives and
will continue doing so at scale with new announcements on several additional
EV offerings in the coming months ...
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+ underground-retractable public EVSE.uk)
Oxford sees world's first pop-up electric vehicle charging points
November 08, 2019  THE world’s first residential ‘pop-up’ on-street electric
vehicle charging points ... ‘OxPops’ trial features six ‘UEone’ retractable
pavement bollards installed in Lonsdale Road, Summertown ... are
app-operated and retract underground when not in use to reduce street
clutter ...

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