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Mikro MM1 Mini Electric Car Looks Like a Toy… But It Isn’t
September 9th, 2018  Conner Flynn





What the heck is this? Did somebody squish a Lamborgini? Nope, what you’re
looking at is the Mikro MM1, and despite looking like a toy, it is a
full-fledged electric “supercar.” It is actually pretty adorable the more I
look at it.

Yep, its makers say the MM1 is a real car, and it is intentionally cute
given the company’s slogan of “Changing the world one smile at a time.” Come
on, you know it just made you smile. It’s okay to admit it. This tiny
electric car from North Ireland startup Mikro Automotive seats three, and
like the McLaren F1 has a center steering configuration with the driver up
front and two passengers in the back. It boasts a 300 mile range and can go
from 0 to 60 mph in “under 4 seconds.”

Since they describe this as a car for the “smartphone generation” we can
only guess that the interior will be loaded with tech and touchscreens, but
we really don’t know.

Its makers hope to launch the car in 2019. You can check it out on
Kickstarter where they are selling some merch to fund the car’s design and
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A little electric car built in the UK with ambitions to help save the planet
Mikro Automotive  Sep 6, 2018
The Mikro MM1 is a fully Electric 3 passenger city car. 0-60 in 4 seconds
with a range of 300 miles. It is proudly manufactured in N.Ireland
Mikro MM1 - A little electric car with big ambitions


Initial prototype cross section

video  flash

Building the ultimate zero emissions vehicle for use in large cities. Doing
our bit to fight climate change one smile at a time

These photos and videos provide a detailed look at this project’s
Mikro MM1 0-60mph 4 seconds

 We started with a goal , build an electric car but make it cool, make it
that when people see it they smile, but make it fast, and make the interior
like a big smartphone ....

Well we did it , we built it. We actually added a few more surprises but
we’ll keep those under wraps for now !

Whilst we are passionate about building cars we also have another motive.

Climate change is affecting every person on the planet, the air we breathe
is becoming increasingly toxic with every day that passes. Deforestation is
happening at a faster rate than any other time in human history. We need to
change our ways.

What can we do? ...

The planet needs sustainable zero emissions transport. We have designed a
fully electric 3 passenger vehicle. On a full charge the Mikro MM1 has a
range of 300 miles and sprints to 60mph in under 4 seconds. Fun whilst
saving the planet ...sounds good to me !

The Mikro MM1 is a small vehicle designed for life in the big city , fully
connected with touchscreen controls this a car for the modern generation.

Key features
- 0-60mph 4seconds
- 80kwh liquid cooled lithium/graphene battery pack
- Range 300 miles
- Charge cycle of approx 6 hours 100% charge
- Small removable auxiliary battery for emergency situations
- Unique chassis system allowing for the option of a different body style in
the future without having to buy a complete new car

- Small footprint , ideal for large cities with limited space
- 3 seat configuration with a centre drivers seat
- Retractable rear seats for extra storage

The team

Shimie - Team leader / composite engineer. 13 years experience building
specialist vehicles ranging from limousines , buses & film props

Andy - Andy is a mechanical engineer who graduated from Queens Universty
Belfast in 2003 and has since been involved in several aerospace and
automotive projects

Shane - Senior design engineer, graduated in 2004 with an honours degree in
mechanical engineering. Has been involved in several product development
projects in the aerospace industry

Eamonn - Business strategist with experience of rapid scaling up of high
growth companies. 20+ years experience in this field.

In addition to this core team Mikro Automotive has a large pool of key
industry advisors including IP specialists & Renewable energy pioneers.

How Kickstarter can help ?

Building cars is expensive ! and for a small company like ourselves every
little bit of money counts. This Kickstarter amount added to our existing
development fund will help ongoing development and keep us on track for our
target launch date. We would love your feedback, if there’s something you’ve
always wanted in a car please tell us, when you are driving the Mikro MM1 we
want it to be an exciting experience.

What features do you love on your smartphone? We want to take the best ideas
and incorporate it into the design.

We don’t care if your idea sounds crazy, if there’s a demand we will develop
it, we love pushing the boundaries.

Please help us spread awareness by sharing our social pages with friends, we
really do appreciate the help !

With every UK donation we’ll include a packet of our magic seeds, perfect to
grow your own electric car ! Ok maybe not, but it will grow into a tree if
you water it. Trees - cleaner air for everyone.

It’s our responsibility to fix this planet, let’s make a difference for us
and our children.

Project Timeline

2015 - Mikro Automotive was established

2017 - The first prototype was manufactured and used for initial testing

2018 - A second improved prototype is developed

2018 - Mikro Automotive is working closely with government agencies to
develop a detailed plan of scaling up production

2018 - Mikro Automotive is a finalist in InterTradeIreland Seedcorn
Investment competition

2018 - Testing of prototype number 2

2018 - Type Approvals received

2019 - Low volume production begins

2019 - First customer models are ready for delivery late 2019
Mikro Automotive - Finalists and still involved in InterTradeIreland
Seedcorn investment competition
Mikro Automotive - Finalists and still involved in InterTradeIreland
Seedcorn investment competition

We don’t anything for free so we have listed a number of rewards which we
hope will act as a thank you for helping us on our journey.
[images merchendise
Exclusive Mikro Automotive snapback hat
Exclusive Mikro Automotive Polo Shirt S/M/L
Exclusive Mikro Automotive Hooded Top in white S/M/L
Risks and challenges

Whilst we would love to say there’s no risks involved, there are always some

What if no one likes it ?
We have carried out extensive market research and received very favourable
feedback about the car.

How long will it take for production models ?
We have a production strategy in place and are expecting the first models to
be ready late 2019

How can I get one ?
We are accepting refundable pre orders via our website however by choosing
the top reward guarantees you will have one of the first available models

Are you certain it will be built ?
We have already invested substantial funds into the project to get it to
where it is and are working closely with government agencies with strategic
plans for scaling up production.
Mikro Automotive is currently a finalist of InterTradeIreland Ireland’s
Seedcorn Investment competition.
Mikro Automotive is working closely with DVA to ensure it meets all
applicable type approvals.
We fully expect the first customer vehicles to be ready in late 2019.
[© kickstarter.com]

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