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EVLN: e-Mobility Scooter Upgraded to Accelerate Like a Tesla (v)

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Daredevil Inventor Upgrades an Electric Mobility Scooter to Accelerate Like
a Tesla
December 29, 2017  Andrew Liszewski


YouTube via Likecool

One of the many benefits of battery-powered cars is the incredible torque
and acceleration an electric motor can generate. It’s not just a feature
exclusive to Teslas; you can actually upgrade almost any electric vehicle
with equally ridiculous acceleration—even a mobility scooter.

There’s not a lot of details about how this upgrade was performed, but you
can assume that, in addition to a bigger battery and beefier motor, the
scooter’s structural integrity was (hopefully) strengthened so that it
doesn’t just disintegrate at its new top speed of around 62 MPH.
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