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EVLN: eco-volta.com pr touts lower li-ion pack fire risk

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Preventing Fire in Electric Vehicles
March 18, 2019  Martin Grolms

Image Credit: ecovolta

ecovolta is introducing a new safety concept in its lithium-ion batteries to
reduce the risk of battery fires and cell explosions in e-mobility

In the case of mechanical damage to a battery pack in an e-car, a high
current initially flows through the affected region and the temperature
rises locally. In conventional battery solutions, the cell is affected
directly, with its material expanding rapidly, which could lead to
explosions and battery fires.

Now, the Swiss battery system manufacturer ecovolta [
] reports that with its new battery packs, the temperature rises only
locally at the cell junction in the case of mechanical damage. This junction
then melts, separating the damaged cell from the intact components. The rest
of the pack remains functional– only its capacity sinks as the capacity of
the separated cell is lost, as indicated by comprehensive laboratory trials.

The new safety concept is incorporated in all ecovolta traction batteries,
as the company told. This allows for capacities ranging from 10Wh to several
hundred kWh and voltages of 12–600V as well as any desired battery shape.

“This ecovolta concept offers e-mobility suppliers a battery solution that
makes the highest safety standards economical even for small and mid-sized
vehicle series,” says ecovolta CTO Paul Hauser.
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