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Lexus To US: No Electric Car For You!
November 27th, 2019  Steve Hanley

[image  /tmc Lexus
Lexus UX 300e electric car

Lexus last week officially presented its first battery electric car, the UX
300e, at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition in China. Here’s
what we know about this new EV so far.

On the outside, it is virtually indistinguishable from its gas-powered
cousin, the Lexus UX, a compact SUV the company claims is “Crafted For The
Modern Frontier.” Just exactly what frontier it has in mind with that
marketing slogan is not entirely clear. The UX is also available in a hybrid

In the UX 300e, the gasoline engine and powertrain have been ditched in
favor of a 201 horsepower motor driving the front wheels, and a 54.3 kWh
battery. The company claims the new car has a range of 400 kilometers | 248
miles in the NEDC testing cycle. Why any ethical company would continue to
quote range numbers using that discredited protocol is a mystery unless the
purpose is to deliberately confuse consumers.

No EPA estimate has been provided and with good reason. Lexus has no active
intention of bringing the UX 300e to America. The first cars will be offered
to Chinese customers starting next year, with sales in the UK and Europe
slated for 2021, according to Engadget. If Lexus ever brings an EV to the
US, it may or may not be the UX 300e, which would likely struggle to break
200 miles of range in EPA testing.

In  a statement, the company said, “Lexus has always focused on providing a
distinctive driving performance, and the case is no different with
development of a BEV. Starting from the refined Lexus driving signature of
the UX, Lexus engineers were able to leverage the new electric drivetrain to
even further enhance the vehicle’s on-road performance. At the same time, UX
300e has one of the quietest cabins in its class, as befits the sound
management heritage of the Lexus DNA.”

Until this point, Lexus and Toyota have been actively hostile to the idea of
battery electric cars, preferring to focus on fuel cell vehicles and
hybrids, which it refers to in deliberately misleading terms as self
charging electric cars that are  miraculously “always charged.”

By the time the UX 300e gets to American shores, it will be hopelessly
outdated. According to Green Car Reports, it will have a 6.6 kw on-board AC
charger and a maximum DC charging capability of 50 kw. It is unlikely anyone
will want to shell out Lexus prices for a car that can only go 200 miles on
a good day.

Elon Musk has been imploring other manufacturers to build compelling
electric cars. The UX 300e will hardly be on e of those. In fact, the car is
so woefully uncompetitive, it begs the question whether the company will do
any serious marketing for the car or if it is in the model lineup simply so
Toyota can deflect criticism about its lack of a credible pathway to the
electric car future.
[© cleantechnica.com]
The Soup Nazi  Seinfeld: Season 7, Episode 6

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