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Lapo Elkann’s Garage Italia to pimp and electrify five Fiat Panda 4x4s
September 27, 2019  Máté Petrány




 JBL x Garage Italia

Fiat heir and self-proclaimed father of the modern Fiat 500, Lapo Elkann set
up design firm Garage Italia to give that Italian-golden-child flair to
cars, boats, planes, watches, or whatever else you might fancy. Garage
Italia’s latest automotive venture is a series of five classic Fiat Panda
4x4s, turned electric using local Newtron Group’s powertrain.

The classic car EV conversion business is already booming, and if you think
about it, few cars are as suitable for the job as Giorgetto Giugiaro’s boxy
classic, upgraded by Austrian Steyr’s four-wheel-drive system.

When more grunt was needed for climbing those mountains, Fiat gave the Panda
the 964-cc engine from the Autobianchi A112, which produced 48 horsepower on
a good day. These days, Panda 4x4s are more short-distance runabouts than
intercontinental cruise machines, so a torquey electric drivetrain perfectly
matches their daily routines.

Of course, being a man once listed on Vanity Fair’s “Best Dressed Hall of
Fame,” Lapo Elkann wouldn’t stop at a basic powertrain conversion.

Finished in Barberis Brown with a prominent Blue Vitale stripe highlighting
its beltline, the Panda Panderis got upholstered by Barberis Canonico, a
historic woolen mill based in Biella Vitale. JBL and Harman threw in a
generous hi-fi selection, and we are very glad that Garage Italia kept the
13-inch steelies, sprayed gold to go with the brown.

Four more Panda 4x4s will follow to complete Garage Italia’s Icon-e project.
The Panda Pandoro will be created with fashion designer Marta Ferri,
followed by “Pand’Art” by Arthur Kar of de L’Art de L’Automobile, “Pandina
Jones” done with Car&Vintage, and “00Panda,” the Fiat made for the secret
agent in you. But can that beat Roger Moore’s off-roading 2CV?
[© hagerty.com]

Lapo Elkann’s Garage Italia, Chef Carlo Cracco Part Ways
The Michelin-starred chef has been a business partner to Lapo Elkann for
less than two years.
April 17, 2019  

Tacita unveils electric cruiser with manual gearbox!
Oct 03, 2019  Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Tacita recently
unveiled its latest offering ... the T-Cruise with either a 1kW, 27kW, 34kW
or a 44kW motor. These motors can be paired to either a 9kWh battery or an
18kWh battery pack. The smaller battery pack offers a range of 112 km, while
the bigger battery goes for 220 km. ...

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