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iOS Apps for Tesla Cars
Sep 2, 2017  


YouTube PlugShare


As one of the hottest cars that are available today, Tesla vehicles have
gained a significant amount of popularity over the recent years for its
developments in sustainable and autonomous technology. As an all-electric
car that boasts acceleration that is faster than most supercars, Tesla is
quickly becoming a must-have tech vehicle for many, especially with the
release of the Model 3 which will be significantly cheaper than the previous
models, the Model S and the Model X. With increasing accessibility in terms
of price, many people will now be able to afford a Tesla and this article
discusses some of the apps that are compatible to control various aspects of
the car.

Tesla Motors

One of the most compelling aspects of a Tesla car is that beyond being a
vehicle, it is a piece of technology that pushes the limits of the
traditional notions of a car. For example, the vehicle can operate
autonomously on most roads and has access to the internet so that apps are
able to connect to it. With the Tesla Motors app, users are able to get
access to various aspects of the car from the charging status to different
functions. To mimic traditional keys, the app can lock, unlock, and beep the
horn. Beyond these basic functions, it can also turn the car on or off so
that they heat or air conditioner can start even before a user is in the
vehicle. As an all-electric car, no emissions are released so this feature
can even be done when a car is closed in a garage. The best feature of the
app, however, leverages the autonomy of the vehicle as it can be summoned
right from the app. With this function, the car can be automatically called
to exit a parking spot or garage without ever having to step into the
vehicle, making it perfect for tight spaces. As an increasing number of
features and updates are made to the car, the Tesla Motors app developed by
the company is one of the best ones that an owner can have.

Remote S for Tesla

Beyond the app developed by Tesla, third-party developers have also been
able to contribute to the mobile offerings of the vehicle. Remote S is an
app that is designed for the highest degree of accessibility such as
integrations to the phone as well as smart watches. Offering even more
features than the app developed by Tesla, Remote S can help with a range of
tasks such as managing charging patterns and security. For example, instead
of overcharging the battery which can be damaging to the lifespan, the app
will allow users to set an alarm which will notify them when the car is
fully charged or at a particular percentage. Furthermore, the car can be
started in a matter of seconds with a simple touch as a fingerprint is all
that is required to start the engine through the Touch ID option. Advanced
statistics can be retrieved from the app such as ranges, estimated range
remaining, schedules, and even location tracking. With all of these tools
available, Remote S for Tesla is one of the best apps to increase the number
of functions that are possible right from the phone.


A big issue pertaining to electric vehicles is the range that is possible
with such a car. While gasoline cars can be filled in minutes at nearly
every corner, electric vehicles are still early in their development stage,
charging stations are not as common, and the process of charging can take
several hours to fully charge the battery. With these issues in mind,
PlugShare is a must-have app which is able to significantly reduce many of
these barriers. For example, the app shows where each electric charging
station is so that drivers know exactly where they are able to charge their
cars. With an increasing number of chargers being added to various routes
each day, the app is automatically updated to reflect these changes.
Furthermore, PlugShare can assist in the route-planning process, especially
if the particular trip is far. By being able to identify where there are
charging stations, users can drive accordingly and plan their rests so that
the car is able to charge in the meantime. A highly applicable aspect of the
app is that it can also distinguish between regular charging ports and super
chargers which significantly reduces the amount of time required to charge a
Tesla vehicle. In doing so, users have access to the chargers that are much
quicker if they are in a rush, making it extremely helpful for all electric
vehicle owners.

KeyMote – Remote for Tesla Model S & Model X

To customize the experience of owning a Tesla vehicle, KeyMote is an app
which lets users access the panel of the car right from there phone. Beyond
the basic functions such as turning the car on or off, accessing the lights,
or using GPS tracking, the app reflects different settings that are found on
the car’s screen on the phone so that users can access a host of other
features to include roof control and live data. By being able to control the
car right from the phone, users do not need to be in the vehicle to control
different functions. Although the title implies that the app is only
designed for the Model S and Model X, the release of the Model 3 is likely
to spur an update for the new models. Furthermore, as more updates are added
to the car, it is likely that the app will also increase in the functions
that it can perform, making it a great complimentary tool for Tesla owners.
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As a vehicle that is constantly being innovated and pushing the traditional
norms of what a car is capable of, Tesla vehicles are one of the most
popular cars on the market today. Being fully electric and technology based,
the apps listed in this article can offer a tremendous amount of value in
terms of controlling different elements as well as tracking statistics and
charging stations.

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