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EVLN: $inglehandedly more Model-3 cells shipped than non-Tesla combined

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Tesla Model 3 Battery Capacity Shipments In Q3 2018 Will Exceed All
Non-Tesla EVs Combined
June 7th, 2018  Kyle Field


Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 in January, 2017

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Chief Technology Officer JB Straubel regularly talk
about how they are constantly on the lookout for the next big thing in
energy storage. To date, the 2170 cells that go into Tesla’s current energy
storage products and the Model 3 appear to be the best of breed. That’s a
conditional statement that necessarily balances availability of raw
materials, battery cost, energy density, power density, and a number of
other factors, but it is clear that Tesla is the world’s leader in
lithium-ion battery production for electric cars in a number of measurable

In the Tesla annual shareholder meeting this week, Elon added some color to
just how many batteries Tesla produces, noting that when Model 3 achieves a
5,000 car/week production rate, Tesla will ship more battery capacity than
all other global EV  shipments combined.

Model 3 alone will represent 43% of the world’s electric vehicle battery
capacity shipments, singlehandedly representing more battery capacity
shipped than all other non-Tesla EVs combined. Tesla is really putting the
“Giga” in Gigafactory now.

Tesla Model S and X make up another sizable chunk, at 16% of estimated
global EV battery capacity shipments.

It’s worth noting that this comparison does not address plug-in hybrids,
which still represent a significant piece of plug-in vehicle sales, but it
nonetheless highlights just how massive Tesla’s current production is
relative to every other automotive company on the planet … combined.

As Model 3 exclusively uses new 2170 lithium-ion cells made by Tesla and
Panasonic at Gigafactory 1, the chart also highlights that the Gigafactory
is expected to produced more batteries for pure EVs than every other EV
battery manufacturer in the world.

Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 in Sparks, Nevada, will still be under construction
for another 4 or 5 years. Once complete, Elon Musk estimates it will be
twice the size of any other building in the world. It currently takes
approximately 2 hours to walk through it, so it will presumably take
approximately 6 hours to walk through the whole thing once completed —
assuming you are not stopping much to look at anything, talk, eat, or rest
your body.

With so much interest in the electrification of transportation, the
competition could change by then, but it this serves to highlight just how
big Tesla’s dreams are.

Tesla confirmed in the recent investor call that it will build another
Gigafactory in Shanghai, confirming numerous prior reports from a variety of
sources over the last two years. Elon shared that the specific location of
the new Chinese Gigafactory should be confirmed by the end of next month,
with another Gigafactory being announced somewhere by the end of this year
for somewhere in Europe.

What’s even more mind boggling than where Tesla will be next quarter is the
longer term outlook on the Silicon Valley company. Elon shared that he
expects Tesla will have 10–12 Gigafactories sprinkled around the world to
meet customer demand eventually. If the first Gigafactory alone — running at
just a fraction of it’s final capacity — is already dwarfing the rest of the
competition, what does that mean when Gigafactory 1 is complete? What about
Gigafactory 3, Gigafactory 5, Gigafactory 7?

There don’t appear to be any near-term limits on the customer demand side,
with customers mostly just cancelling reservations because Tesla simply
can’t keep up on the production side. It’s seemingly a race where the only
real competitor for Tesla is  … itself. And, by all measures, Tesla is in a
flat out sprint to the next shiny object on the horizon. With Tesla Model Y,
Tesla Semi, Tesla Roadster 2.0, and a Tesla pickup truck all already on the
drawing board, Tesla seems to be on track for world domination.
[© cleantechnica.com]

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