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EVLN: "Aguará" The first Paraguayan EV

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Expected by June 30 for the Mariano Roque Alonso 2012 Expo

[image] Electric vehicle is over 90 %
The first electric vehicle of Itaipu, made entirely in Paraguay; "Aguará" brand, is practically completed and official delivery to the PTI is expected by June 30. The car will be one of the technological attractions featuring the entity for the Mariano Roque Alonso 2012 Expo.
19 JUN 2012

It has capacity for 4 people, with a 40-kilowatt engine

The aullada of the "Aguará" heat engines, the first electric vehicle made in Paraguay with national labor and components of the Mercosur, is already a reality. The road is almost finished and only lack the part aesthetic.

David Vega, one of those responsible for the design of the electric car, said that the vehicle is completed in 90% compliance with the timetable laid down for the manufacture of the first national prototype.

"The Aguará is already finished in 90%, only lack of housing." What would be the final art as painting, caulk, in synthesis, the part aesthetic. "The inside of the vehicle is also completed and once the external design is complete, we will be connecting all components," said Vega.

He recalled that the net work for the manufacture of the electric car led 3 months workshop, but design work began a month earlier. In total were four months of intense work and with the pride made professional and mechanical Paraguayans who carried out the project commissioned by the Parque Tecnológico Itaipu (PTI) and the same entity.

"The mechanical part is assembled, the only thing that we are missing is the connection of electronic components." "The chassis and suspension are already finished", reiterated Vega.

The first Paraguayan electric vehicle is not any Assembly and the difficulties that had to overcome during their manufacture was the connection of traction (System to simultaneously move all four wheels of the road).

"We are now working with specialists online traction." Another difficulty was the suspension system. And now, to the issue of foreign, the hardest thing would be play final shells, according to the designed mold. "These were the three critical points during manufacturing," he revealed.

She stressed that for this June 30 is the date of delivery of the first Paraguayan electric vehicle manufactured by Itaipu. "On that date we deliver the car, but the tests be carried out on possibly for June 25 to then take it to the Expo Mariano Roque Alonso," he said the interviewee.
The Aguará details
The trademark of the electric vehicle is Aguará (Fox), jeep type. Its predominant color is the color orange with wheels black, assimilating as much as possible to the animal.

It has capacity for 4 people, with a 40 kilowatt engine, powered with two batteries Zebra Z 36, that generates a close 200 kilometer range. The battery charge is 8 hours is completely empty, but also generally charge 3 to 4 hours, does not pollute the environment and is very low cost to the user.

Consumption would be 10,000 guaranies per each 100 kilometers which achieves a low power consumption. The plug (to recharge the battery) is conventional; "it would be like charging the phone."
Technical description
2 Batteries: 28 kilowatt c / a
Engine: 40 kW
Power supply: 220 volts
Recharge: 8 hours a day
Length: 200 km
Consumption: 10,000 guaranies per every 100 Km.
Weight: Around 1,500 kilos
Capacity: 4 people
Color: Orange and black
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