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EVLN: "Tesla Model V" e-vtol concept design

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Tesla electric aircraft: Elon Musk responds to ‘Model V’ concept VTOL
June 27, 2020 ... has three motors powered by lithium-ion batteries, a
1,250-kilowatt rear motor paired with dual 650-kilowatt brushless motors
geared with rotor blades. All this adds up to provide distributed electric
propulsion, meaning if one part fails the aircraft can land safely. On the
exterior, there's a retractable landing gear hidden away under a carbon
fiber underbody. It has a magnesium fuselage, a titanium shell, and a wide
canopy that can be adapted to hold two people ...

+ (Xpeng P7 EV Deliveries> stolen/copied Tesla-tech company)
Xpeng Starts Delivery of its Intelligent EV Sports Sedan ‘P7’
Jun 29th, 2020  Xpeng Motors has begun nation-wide delivery of its new P7
super-long range, high-performance, smart EV sports sedan to customers ...
Drive further. Charge quicker. Accelerate faster. Control smoother ...

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