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Rivian Electric Motorhome Render: Likely Part Of Rivian's Grand Plan?
Sep 30, 2019  Eric Loveday

Rivian Motorhome

Tesla Semi-Home Motorhome

Rivian All-Electric Motorhomes Coming In 2021?  JMM Garza

With the debut of the Rivian/Amazon van, an electric Rivian motorhome is
easy to imagine.

Rivian doesn't yet make an electric motorhome/camper, but it seems with
Rivian anything is possible. This render imagines a camper based on the
Amazon Rivian delivery van.

Rivian was recently contracted by Amazon to build some 100,000 electric
delivery vans. Well, if you're already building a big van, then why not
venture into the motorhome segment too. That's precisely what we see here in
this render.

It's not much of a leap from a full-size cargo van to a motorhome. In fact,
the Sprinter van is one of the most popular motorhomes out there and
presumably this Rivian electric van would be of similar size to the largest
Sprinter offering.

With this size vehicle, a whole lot of battery can be fitted. If Rivian
chooses to go the electric motorhome route, then the automaker would likely
offer several range options, each with different battery sizes, as it will
with both the R1T pickup truck and R1S SUV.

Over the years, there have been a few electric motorhome renders, such as
this Tesla one based on the Tesla Semi ...

But the Tesla Semi will be a low volume vehicle, so we don't see Tesla
venturing out into this segment. However, with Rivian's 100,000-unit order
already out there for a big electric van, the transition to a motorhome
would come with relative ease.
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