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EVLN: (son-of-a)Piëch Mark0 (unknown) EV @Geneva Motor Show

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'No connection between Swiss-based Piëch Automotive nor VW'

Piëch Automotive bringing Mark Zero electric car to Geneva Motor Show
February 21, 2019  Jake Holmes

[images  /  Piëch Automotive
Piëch Automotive Mark Zero  The Swiss company shared this teaser image of
its forthcoming electric car

Piëch Automotive released this design sketch of the car on social media

The upstart car brand is run by the son of former VW chairman Ferdinand

There's another newcomer automaker planning to show off an all-electric
concept car at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. This time the company is
called Piëch Automotive, and photos of the car in question, the Mark Zero,
were revealed on social media this week.

Piëch Automotive is a relatively unknown car company, existing only since
2016, but the name at least should sound familiar. That's because its
co-founder, Anton Piëch, is the son of former Volkswagen Group chairman
Ferdinand Piëch, Autocar reports. The elder Piëch resigned in 2015. Despite
the familial link, there is apparently no connection between the Swiss-based
Piëch Automotive and VW.

Design sketches shared on Instagram, as well as a teaser photo of the Mark
Zero under a cover, show what appears to be a compact coupe. Its large, oval
grille and round headlights almost recall the nose of an Aston Martin, while
around back the sloping rear window terminates in a flat, stubby tail.

Though Piëch has so far released almost no details on the car publicly,
Autocar says it is planned to weigh under 3,970 pounds and will offer a
driving range of up to 311 miles under European testing cycles. The
batteries are reportedly mounted in the car's central tunnel and near the
rear axle.

Piëch's website claims that, "We stand on the shoulders of giants, but
refuse to bow to industry convention." All will be revealed when the car is
shown publicly in Geneva on Tuesday, March 5.
[© cnet.com]
Isaac Newton ... 'only by standing on the shoulders of giants'

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