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EVLN: (winter EV crashes)> Tesla-3 Loses Snow Fight, Another Hits Deer at 45MPH

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Tesla Model 3 Loses Snow Fight, Another Hits Deer at 45 MPH in First Crashes
30 Dec 2017  Vlad Mitrache

Tesla Model 3 winter crash





model3guy  Crashed my Model 3 a while ago and I am excited to get it back
next week! Thankful we were going slow and no one got hurt.
Woopsy!#itsonlyafleshwound #fail #tesla #teslamodel3 #model3

Happy Chair‏ @Happy_Chair
Thank you @elonmusk and @Tesla for designing a well-built, safe vehicle. We
struck a good sized deer in our #Model3 at 45 mph and everyone was well
protected. The damage is illustrated below. We have full confidence in Model

It might not be the first thing crossing your mind when you hear more and
more Model 3s are finding their way to their new owners and onto the roads,
but this also means the likelihood of Tesla's latest sedan being involved in
a crash is significantly increasing.

The crashworthiness of Tesla vehicles is notorious, with the Model X
recently becoming the safest SUV out there and the second safest vehicle
behind only the Model S, which means the Model 3 should also become the
leader in its segment. But until we get the official ratings from NHTSA,
IIHS or EuroNCAP, we have to rely on the misfortune of the early owners to
gauge just how sturdy the electric sedan is.

Apparently, with only a few hundreds of Model 3s on the roads, we already
have at least two incidents to base our preliminary conclusions on. The
first comes from "Model3guy" on Instagram who was kind enough to share his
experience despite the fact he risked getting lectured by those people who
always know better and who seem to own the Internet.

He doesn't go into too many details, but we think the pictures tell a
thousand words. We can see the road covered in fresh snow, the Model 3
wearing snow chains on its rear wheels alone and the front planted into the
rocks on the side. You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to realize what went
on. A set of winter tires would have probably spared Model3guy from his
troubles, but you live, you learn. Talk about online guys who know

News of the second incident came via Twitter, but this one is a lot more
enigmatic. The claim is that the Model 3 hit a "good-sized" deer (whatever
that is) at 45 mph (72 km/h), and the user called "Happy Chair" also
included a picture of the aftermath. However, the car seems to be perfectly
intact, so unless he did it while reversing, we find it hard to believe that
it didn't leave a more pronounced mark.

Either the deer wasn't "good-sized" or the speed wasn't 45 mph, but
something most definitely has to give. Or maybe this was just a veiled hint
at the Model 3's duck-faced design that looks as though it's been involved
in a deer collision?
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