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Nvidia partners with Bosch and Daimler on self-driving car tech
2018-07-10 ... something that proved to be no small barrier for those
companies seeking to develop autonomous cars based on electric vehicle ...

Former Apple employee charged with criminal theft of autonomous vehicle
2018/07/10 · 2h  “When he returned later that month, the filing said he told
Apple he would be resigning and moving back to China, where he intended to
take a job with Xiaopeng Motors, a Chinese electric car start-up ...

Search evdl archive on  autonomous grocery

% (IMO) I don't post as many autonomous-EV newsitems as I find because evdl
readers do not seem keen on / show much interest for, them. I have posted a
few I feel are much more likely to be seen by the public, thus EVangels need
to know about them.

As many know, my posting of these EV news items are much more than just
keeping evdl readers (and any of the readers my posts are also placed/linked
on other forums/groups) informed.
My efforts include the evdl archive use as an EV historical record. But,
also my efforts are to be a tool/ an information-source for all the EVangels
out there (worldwide).

Like it or not, autonomous (auton) vehicles will have a market-share, thus
are coming (likely sooner than the naysayers want). From an EV news
perspective, many of these auton vehicles are plugins, most I've read are

Of the links above I referenced to, there are those companies that want a
piece of the EV action / part of the EV-boom profits. The first is an
example of an IC/chip firm that wants in, in this case more than just the
onboard infotainment/nav system, but as the self-driving (AI) brains for
auton EVs.

I post about these to keep readers informed of developments as well as
auto-EV market-share interest (the more EVs on the road then better

The 2nd link is an example of the money-seriousness of auton EVs, enough to
steal company secrets, etc. (its a cut-throat business environment out
there) ...

The last links will be more immediate than the efforts of google, apple, gm,
tesla, ford, (+more), to scramble to R&D/ develop& release auton software in
vehicles. I foresee auton delivery Es in our future soon, as major grocery
chain companies already have a manual grocery pickup and delivery in place.

(The following image links were pulled from an image search and are not the
people I talked to)

(image: grocer-employee putting together pickup orders)

In EVangel-mode I mentioned-in-passing to the grocery-employee picking an
order, than soon auton vehicles would deliver those items.

(image: grocer-employee putting items in waiting cars)

Their response was ambivalent and not worried about losing their job (one
stated, they will always have a job for me).

(image: customer waiting in cars for groceries)

In EVangel-mode, while one customer was waiting for their pickup order to be
put in their car, they allowed me to asked them what they thought of the
idea of auto vehicles delivering their groceries to them.

They did not like auton vehicles on the road. They thought them as unsafe,
that they have had too many serious crashes.

I asked them in a different way, as a what if to their satisfaction, auton
vehicles were made very safe to share the road with, would they consider
using them. They still said no because right now, they can have the store
deliver their groceries (using a human driver) to their home or work if they
want. I asked, 'so picking up it easier for you', they said 'yes'. I thanked
them for their time and views, and that would use them when asked by the
public of what people thought.

You have to take those views with some perspective, of what part of the U.S.
I was in, what the local media had told them to think, and of what strong
opinions the EV-uninformed local media had (they stil confuse electrified
with EVs).

EVangels should never try to force the truth on the public. That goes
against each person's ego (they consciously know the media lie, but are
subconsciously ingrained with what the media spews as 'the truth'). I have
found more success by sharing the truth,and letting each person later decide
for themselves what is the truth (I am ingraining the truth upon them

You may wonder what were all those reports of serious auton crashes the
public were told about. Likely it was the media incorrectly reporting
Tesla's auto-pilot as being autonomous and the cause of the crash (instead
of stating humans are to keep their hands on the wheel at all times).

The public does not want to be corrected (don't go against their ego),
instead I mention that those crashes on auto-pilot are just a R&D phase of
true autonomous vehicles major auto manufacturers will be fully testing
before releasing. This quietly dispels some EV-ignorant notions, and lets
them feel better that it will be fully tested to human/media satisfaction.

EVangels should note the public opinions, but only offer positive outlook
views of what is coming. Hopefully my future auton EV posts will help with
evdl archive search on  "EVangel-about"

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