EVcrash: 37lb/16.8kg Cape_Horn-WA boulder bashes through Tesla-3 windshield

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EVcrash: 37lb/16.8kg Cape_Horn-WA boulder bashes through Tesla-3 windshield

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Tesla owner evades tragedy after Model 3 gets hit by 37-pound boulder
November 3, 2018  Simon Alvarez

[images  / Ryan Nisle/Facebook


When Tesla Model 3 owner Jade Insko left his home this past Monday, he
thought his drive heading to his workplace would be just like any other. As
Insko drove east on Highway 14 near Cape Horn, WA, though, a freak accident
happened. Out of the blue, a 37-pound boulder crashed into his electric car.
The impact was massive, shattering a large part of the Model 3’s windshield.
The rock also bent the steering column, split the dash, and moved the
practically immovable 15? center touchscreen before landing in the passenger

“All of a sudden, my car just seemed to explode as this 37-pound rock flew
through the windshield, smashed into the dashboard, and bounced directly
into the passenger seat,” the Model 3 owner said [

Relating his story to a local news outlet, the Model 3 owner stated that it
took him a second before he could process the freak accident. Fortunately,
his Model 3, bent steering column and split dashboard and all, was still
able to move. Insko was eventually able to pull over to the side of the
road, despite being unable to see due to glass in his eyes and face.

[image]  Jade Insko’s Tesla Model 3 after the accident. Credit: Ryan
Nisle/Facebook [
] ... [© teslarati.com]

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